A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Medicine: Designed for the Use of Practitioners and Students of Medicine

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Lea Brothers & Company, 1886 - Medicine - 1160 pages
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Page 580 - Flint notes that a patient under the care of this physician took " in the first twenty-four hours, of opium and the sulphate of morphia, a quantity equivalent to 106 grains of opium ; in the second twenty-four hours she took 472 grains ; on the third day, 236 grains ; on the fourth day, 120 grains ; on the fifth day, 54 grains ; on the sixth day, 22 grains ; on the seventh day, 18 grains ; after which the treatment was suspended.
Page 226 - s disease and Addison's disease. Prognosis. The prognosis is always grave. The few recoveries are the exceptions which prove the rule. Symptoms. The onset of the disease is very insidious. The locations in addition to the blood are...
Page 449 - I have never known a dyspeptic to recover vigorous health who undertook to live after a strictly regulated diet, and I have never known an instance of a healthy person living according to a strict dietetic system who did not become a dyspeptic.
Page 104 - ... measures of treatment are only to be employed in cases in which they seem to the physician to be clearly indicated. The severity of disease, and the danger of the patient, be they ever so great, do not alone constitute grounds for the employment of active measures. If they are not useful, they will be likely to do harm. Therapeutical measures, in proportion to their power, are powerful for either good or harm, and must, therefore, be either indicated or contraindicated. In the language of another,...
Page 393 - The constitutional symptoms are gradually-progressive asthenia, often originating without any apparent cause, and seldom dating from any definite period ; great languor and indisposition for exertion, with, in advanced cases, breathlessness and palpitation, frequent sighing or yawning, and generally faintness on making any muscular effort, sometimes even on being raised up in bed. There...
Page 683 - But, in the great majority of cases, even these slight symptoms are wanting. They are suddenly seized, while in the performance of their labors, with pain in the head, and a sense of fulness and oppression in the epigastrium, occasionally nausea and vomiting, general feeling of weakness, especially of the lower extremities, vertigo, dimness of vision, and insensibility. Surrounding objects appear of uniform color. In a great majority of cases, this was, so far as could be ascertained, blue or purple....
Page 22 - The definition of disease is confessedly difficult. It is easier to define it by negation, to say what it is not, than to give a positive definition; that is, a definition based either on the nature or essence of the thing defined, or on its distinctive attributes. Disease is an absence or deficiency of health, but this is only to transfer the difficulty, for the question at once arises, how is health to be defined? And to define health is not less difficult than to define disease."* Dr.
Page 167 - Full doses of quinine, that is, twenty to forty grains, given either once or within eight or ten hours, may arrest the disease. This statement is based on my own experience, as well as on the testimony of others. If a patient be seen in the first stage, an effort should be made to render the disease abortive by means of this remedy, inasmuch as it does no harm aside from the annoyance of cinchonism ; on the contrary, a favorable influence upon the course of the disease is produced, either by its...
Page 6 - Dr. William H. Welch, Professor of Pathology in the Johns Hopkins University, is to be the editor of the new journal and with him will cooperate a board of twelve associate editors as follows: For Physiology.
Page 542 - ... carbohydrate food, and a little weak tea, but forbidding sweet things as far as possible. General Hygiene General hygienic measures are of primary importance. These children should not be treated in bed or even in the house, otherwise their apparent delicacy of constitution will become exaggerated. They should be in the open air as much as possible, and should take full advantage of the hours of sunshine. The rooms which they inhabit should have good ventilation, and the windows in their sleeping...

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