A View of the Whole Controversy Between the Representer and the Answerer,: With an Answer to the Representer's Last Reply: : in which are Laid Open Some of the Methods by which Protestants are Misrepresented by Papists

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William Rogers, 1687 - 123 pages
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Page 91 - I desire always to have it) as to hope, that a great many among them who lived piously, and have been almost inevitably detained in that Church, by the prejudice of education and an invincible ignorance, will upon a general repentance, find mercy with God : and though their works suffer loss and be burnt, yet they themselves may escape, as out of the fire.
Page 56 - Because the natural body and blood of our Saviour are in heaven, and not here : it being against the truth of Christ's natural body, to be at one time in more places than one.
Page 83 - They* tell us there is a vast number of sins in their own nature venial, which are so very inconsiderable, that an infinite number of them altogether will not deprive a man of the grace and favour of God, or make up one mortal sin, and for the pardon of which there is no need or occasion for the mercy of God : and yet they have no certain rules to discover whether a sin be mortal or venial ; so that men are in wonderful danger of being cheated in a matter of so great moment as their eternal salvation.
Page 82 - Estius contends for from this place is, that it cannot be concluded from hence that there is no purgatory; which we never pretended, but only that this text doth not prove it. It is very well known that this is a proverbial...
Page 52 - ... bondage of Jews. Images, according to the Tridentine definition, are to be retained and honoured, but abuses and all occasion of scandal to the rude and ignorant are to be removed. The object of images is to set Christ, his Blessed Mother, the saints and angels before our eyes, while the council adds that " the honour which is given to them is referred to the objects...
Page 21 - Expofitiou was examined with all due Deliberation, approved with' all Solemnity, &c. and recommended by his. Holinefs to ' be read by all the Faithful...
Page 80 - Fire of the laft day, that no Purgatory of Souls is left before that day, any more than it follows from the Purgatory of Souls, that there is no purging in this Life', which, allowing for the principles of his Church, is with the reft that follows to this purppfe, a good and fblid Anfwer to the forefaid Objedtion.
Page 56 - Brother when he is once at liberty to fpeak for himfelf, will confefs that he fees neither the one nor the other ; and that it is no affront to his Eyes to acquit us of Adoring the Sacrament, and to yield that when we receive it, we Adore God and him only, in a pofture which as we think, well becomes the thankful Receivers of fuch Holy Myfteries.
Page 113 - Mi£reprefentation, which the Genius of this Author, as it appears, by the particulars of this Book, makes me fear it is. And of a great many particulars which I might note, there is one not to be let...
Page 21 - Teflimpny of Canus^ That that is not to be accounted the Judgment of the Apoftolick See, which is given only ly the Bi/hop of Rome, privately , malicioujly, and inconjfj derate ly, &c.

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