A Voyage of Discovery: Made Under the Orders of the Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the Purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, and Enquiring Into the Probability of a North-west Passage, Volume 2

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Strahan and Spottiswoode, 1819 - Baffin Bay
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Page 79 - ... upon your arrival in England, you are immediately to repair to this office in order to lay before us a full account of your proceedings in the whole course of your voyage...
Page 75 - Strait along the northern coast of America, and through Behring's Strait into the Pacific; it is hoped at the same time, that it may likewise be the means of improving the geography, and hydrography of the Arctic regions, of which so little is hitherto known, and contribute to the advancement of science and natural knowledge.
Page 76 - ... force ; you will endeavour to ascertain how far the needle may be affected by the atmospherical electricity, and what effect may be produced on the electrometer and magnetic needle on the appearance of the Aurora Borealis.
Page 66 - You are hereby required and directed to proceed with the said two sloops directly to the Cape of Good Hope, unless you shall judge it necessary to stop at Madeira, the Cape de Verd or Canary Islands, to take in wine for the use of their companies; in which case you are at liberty to do so...
Page 78 - ... and of the larger animals you are to cause accurate drawings to be made, to accompany and elucidate the descriptions of them. In this, as well as in every other part of your scientific duty, we trust that you will receive material assistance from the officers under your command, several of whom are represented to us as well qualified in these respects.
Page 74 - ... you should meet with any inhabitants, either Esquimaux or Indians, near the place where you winter, you are to endeavour by every means in your power to cultivate a friendship with them, by making them presents of such articles as you may be supplied with, and which may be useful or agreeable to them ; you will, however, take care not to suffer yourself to be surprised by them, but use every precaution, and be constantly on your guard against any hostility ; you will...
Page 67 - ... strait, and still more so of the sea beyond it, no specific instructions can be given for your guidance, the time and manner of proceeding to fulfil the ulterior object of your destination, in places where impediments may occur, must be left entirely to your discretion ; in the exercise of which we rely on your zeal and skill in your profession for the accomplishment, as far as it can be accomplished, of the service on which you are employed...
Page 186 - Wollaston, who found it to contain from three tofaur per cent, of nickel ; and who remarks, " that it appears to differ in no respect from those masses of which so many have now been found on various parts of the surface of the earth ; and which, in some few instances from tradition, and in all, from the analysis, appear to be of meteoric origin.
Page 70 - ... case, it may be advisable to stand well to the northward, before you edge away to the westward, in order to get a good offing, in rounding the north-east point of the continent of America ; whose latitude has not been ascertained, but which, if a conjecture may be hazarded, from what is known from the northern coast of that continent, may perhaps be found in or about the 72d degree of latitude.
Page 229 - This instrument acts as a marine barometer, and is certainly not inferior in its powers. It has also the advantages of not being affected by the ship's motion, and of taking up very little room in the cabin. I am of opinion that the instrument will supersede the Marine Barometer, when it is better known.

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