A Voyage of Discovery: Made Under the Orders of the Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the Purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, and Enquiring Into the Probability of a North-west Passage, Volume 1

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Strahan and Spottiswoode, 1819 - Baffin Bay
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Page 244 - At this moment I also saw a continuity of ice, at the distance of seven miles, extending from one side of the bay to the other, between the nearest cape to the north, which I named after Sir George Warrender, and that to the south, which was named after Viscount Castlereagh.
Page 147 - After this had continued with increasing energy for ten minutes, the tune was suddenly changed to a shrill note, in which the words ' Wehee, wehee' were uttered with great rapidity. They then approached each other, by slipping their feet forward, grinning, and in great agitation, until their noses touched, when a savage laugh ended this extraordinary performance.
Page 244 - I named after Sir George Warrender, and that to the south, which was named after Viscount Castlereagh. The mountains, which occupied the centre, in a north and south direction, were named Croker's Mountains, after the Secretary to the Admiralty.
Page 100 - The pressure continuing to increase, it became doubtful whether the ship would be able to sustain it; every support threatened to give way, the beams in the hold began to bend, and the iron tanks settled together. At this critical moment, when it seemed impossible for us to bear the accumulating pressure much longer, the hull rose several feet ; while the ice, which was more than six feet thick, broke against the sides, curling back on itself.
Page 189 - A singular physical feature was noticed on the part of the coast near Cape Dudley Digges : — " We have discovered (says Ross) that the snow on the face of the cliffs presents an appearance both novel and interesting, being apparently stained or covered by some substance which gave it a deep crimson colour...
Page 102 - A clear channel soon after opened, and we ran into a pool, thus escaping the immediate danger ; but the fall of snow being very heavy, our situation still remained doubtful, nor could we conjecture whether we were even yet in a place of safety. Neither the masters, the mates, nor those men who had been all their lives in the Greenland service, had ever experienced such imminent peril ; and they declared, that a common whaler must have been crushed to atoms.
Page 25 - It is hardly possible to imagine any thing more exquisite than the variety of tints which these icebergs display...
Page 243 - At three, the officer of the watch, who was relieved to his dinner by Mr. Lewis, reported, on his coming into the cabin, that there was some appearance of its clearing at the bottom of the bay; I immediately, therefore, went on deck, and soon after it completely cleared for about ten minutes, and I distinctly saw the land, round the bottom of the bay, forming a connected chain of mountains with those which extended along the north and south sides. This land appeared to be at the distance of eight...
Page 115 - He accordingly passed to the opposite side, on which they earnestly beseeched him not to touch them, as, if he did, they should certainly die. After he had used many arguments to persuade them that he was flesh and blood, the native, who had shown...
Page 253 - ... we had reason to believe was the fact, it could be no where but to the southward of this latitude. As, in my Instructions, 1 am also directed " to leave the ice about the 15th or 20th of September, or at latest the 1st of October...

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