Aaron Burr Memorial: Prepared and Edited by the Grand Camp of the Aaron Burr Legion in Commemoration of the 147th Anniversary of the Birthday of Colonel Aaron Burr

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Mt. Vernon Bk. & Mus. Company, 1903 - 35 pages

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Page 35 - As to my friends they would dishonor my views, and insult my feelings by a suspicion that I would submit to be instrumental in counteracting the wishes and expectations of the United States."—
Page 31 - the maxim is never do to-day what you can do as well to-morrow ; because something may occur to make you regret your premature action.'" In every case of importance tried at the bar of New York, from
Page 30 - never negotiate in a hurry.' I remember a remark he made on this subject which appeared to be original and wise : There is a saying, ' Never put off until to-morrow what you can do to-day.' 'That's a maxim,
Page 29 - The history of the war proves conclusively that there was no better soldier, or more devoted patriot, in the long list of Revolutionary heroes, than Aaron Burr ; and all contemporary testimony agrees that no man ever lived of a more genial, hospitable, and kindly nature. Yet this man, unsurpassed as a soldier, unrivaled as a lawyer, pure, upright, and
Page 31 - half hour as Hamilton would in two hours. Burr was terse and convincing, while Hamilton was flowing and rapturous. They were much the greatest men in this State, and perhaps in the United States.
Page 30 - and re-arguments, never despairing himself, nor allowing to his adversary confidence, nor comfort nor repose. Always vigilant and always urgent until a proposition for compromise or a negotiation between the parties ensued.
Page 29 - Burr's office, and we subsequently spent part of an evening together at my house in Beekman street. My father was a volunteer chaplain under Arnold, and, being friends at college, he and Burr were much together during that fearful campaign. G. SPRING.
Page 29 - towards the dead body ; and little Burr was hastening from the fire of the enemy, up to his knees in snow, with Montgomery's body on his shoulders ! Do you wonder
Page 30 - He was a strict practitioner; and was so fond of legal technicalities that he never omitted an opportunity of trying his own skill with that of the opposing counsel, in submitting pleas, demurrers, etc.
Page 33 - The Earthward Pilgrimage ; Idols and Ideals ; Demonology and Devil Lore ; The Wandering Jew; The Sacred Anthology; George Washington and Mount Vernon; Lives of Edmund Randolph, Thomas Paine (translated into French), Hawthorne and Thomas Carlyle ; Barons of the Potomack and Rappahannock ; Emerson at Home and Abroad; Pine and Palm;

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