Ab-sa-ra-ka, Land of Massacre: Being the Experience of an Officer's Wife on the Plains : with an Outline of Indian Operations and Conferences from 1865 to 1878

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Page 291 - Nebraska on any lands north of the North Platte and on the Republican Fork of the Smoky Hill River.
Page 297 - The present system of dealing with the Indians, I think, is an error. There are too many fingers in the pie, too many ends to be subserved, and too much money to be made ; and it is the interest of the nation, and of humanity, to put an end to this inhuman farce. The peace commission, the Indian department, the military, and the Indians make a "baulky team.
Page 77 - The room was redolent of cheese and herring, and "heap of smoke;" while the debris of mounched crackers lying loose under foot furnished both nutriment and employment for little bits of Indians too big to ride on mamma's back, and too little to reach the good things on counter or shelves. The "Wash-ta-la!" ("very good") mingled with "Wan-nee-chee!" a very significant "no good...
Page 297 - Hostile Indians have been striking simultaneously at isolated settlements of Colorado for a circuit of over 200 miles. Men, women, and children have been killed and scalped daily, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of property stolen.

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