Ability Grouping in the Junior High School

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Harcourt, Brace, 1927 - Ability - 223 pages

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Page 208 - What modifications in organization are necessary to secure suitable recognition for pupils of varying ability, particularly for the ablest?
Page 83 - An individual is intelligent in proportion as he is able to carry on abstract thinking (70). We may then define intellect in general as the power of good responses from the point of view of truth or fact (70).
Page 128 - I have been able to cover more ground and to secure much better and more lasting results with the A group than with the B group. The pupils in the A group have grasped the geometry much more readily, and they seem to enjoy all of the work much more than the pupils in the B group. They are more reliable in the matter of bringing their tools to class. The pupils in the B group frequently forget their compasses, rulers, etc. There is one boy in the A group who does not measure up to the standard set...
Page 208 - Race, Henrietta V. A study of a class of children of superior intelligence. Journal of educational psychology, 9 : 91-98, February 1918. " Twenty-one fourth grade children were selected on the basis of high intelligence quotients as determined by the Stanford revision of the Binet tests and placed In a special advancement class.
Page 128 - ... dignified bearing almost overawed me. However, they have come to life recently. While they have passed the stage where childish tricks and toys amuse them, they get a great deal of fun out of a more intellectual type of play. In science they arrive at the principle involved with little difficulty and are able to apply it to other cases. The B group, on the other hand, is not at all easy to teach. The children are lively, restless, and young. I have found the A group to have a greater degree of...
Page 216 - Alltucker, Margaret M. What can the secondary school do for the student of low IQ?
Page 209 - The Influence of Intelligence on the Selection of Associates.
Page 207 - Providing for individual differences by means of grouping by ability." Ninth Annual Schoolmen's Week Proceedings, University of Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol. 23, No. 1, p.
Page 207 - Horn, John Louis. The education of ^exceptional children; a consideration of public school problems and policies in the field of differentiated education. New York and London, The Century...
Page 208 - ... child was discussed. This number deals with the mentally exceptional. 1016. New Orleans. Public school alliance. Exceptional children in the public schools of New Orleans. A report of the committee of the Public school alliance. March, 1913. New Orleans, Public school alliance, 1913. 36 p. 8. 1017. Shaer, I. Special classes for bright children in an English elementary school.

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