Abridged Therapeutics, Founded Upon Histology & Cellular Pathology ...

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G. Houston; [etc., etc.,], 1884 - Medicine, Biochemic - 86 pages
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Page 26 - Those who are conversant with the present state of biology will hardly hesitate to admit that the conception of the life of one of the higher animals as the summation of the lives of a cell aggregate, brought into harmonious action by a co-ordinative machinery formed by some of these cells, constitutes a permanent acquisition of physiological science. But the last form of the battle between the animistic and the physical views of life is seen in the contention whether the physical analysis of vital...
Page 22 - ... some change in a gland of Drosera, sufficient to cause a motor impulse to be sent down the whole length of the tentacle ; this impulse exciting movement often through an angle of above 180°.
Page 190 - De-gen-er-a'tion (L. degenerare, to grow worse; to deteriorate). A change in the structure of any organ which makes it less fit to perform its duty or function. Deg-lu-ti'tion (L. deglutire, to swallow down). The act, or process, of swallowing. De-lir'i-um. A state in which the ideas of a person are wild, irregular, and unconnected. Den'tine (L. dens, dentis, a tooth). The hard substance which forms most of a tooth ; ivory. De-o-do-ri'zer. An agent which corrects any foul or unwholesome odor. Di'a-phragm...
Page 24 - Boerhaave, whose authority dominated in the medical world of the first half of the eighteenth century. With the origin of modern chemistry, and of electrical science, in the latter half of the eighteenth century, aids in the analysis of the phenomena of life, of which Descartes could not have dreamed, were offered to the physiologist. And the greater part of the gigantic progress which has been made in the present century is a justification of the prevision of Descartes. For it consists, essentially,...
Page 27 - ... is a vast aggregate of molecular mechanisms performing complicated movements of immense rapidity, and sensitively adjusting themselves to every change in the surrounding world. Living matter differs from other matter in degree and not in kind; the microcosm repeats the macrocosm; and one chain of causation connects the nebulous original of suns and planetary systems with the protoplasmic foundation of life and organization.
Page 26 - Of this army, each cell is a soldier ; an organ, a brigade ; the central nervous system, headquarters and field telegraph ; the alimentary and circulatory system, the commissariat. Losses are made good by recruits born in the camp, and the life of the individual is a campaign, conducted successfully for a number of years, but with certain defeat in the long run.
Page 121 - In a village a few miles from the town of Oldenberg, a child was taken ill with diphtheria, which at an early stage was complicated by an affection of the larynx. The child was treated by the ordinary methods and died. Almost at the same time a child of another family in the village was attacked by diphtheria with the same complication. The father of the latter child came to me. I prescribed Kali mur. for the disease in the first instance, and Calcarea phos.
Page 94 - The whole thumb of the left hand was swollen, and of a bluish-red colour, and very painful when touched, much inflamed, and there was a small wound at the extensor side at the joint above the nail On pressure there was a -whitish-yellow discharge mixed with white shreds. Both phalanges were easily displaced, and a peculiar noise was heard, which I had observed before in similar cases. This fact made me decide on giving Calcium fluoride.
Page 27 - Others, on the contrary, supported by a robust faith in the universal applicability of the principles laid down by Descartes, and seeing that the actions called ' vital ' are, so far as we have any means of knowing, nothing but changes of place of particles of matter, look to molecular physics to achieve the analysis of the living protoplasm itself into a molecular mechanism. If there is any truth in the received doctrines of physics, that contrast between living and inert matter, on which Bichat...
Page 113 - Brg., which seemed decidedly indicated here, had no other effect except that the pain on the next morning had changed its seat, and had appeared in the left knee. In this way he continued for several days, under the use of various medicines. Either the one or other of ' several joints were affected. The most distressing pains continued day and night, and evidently the patient was greatly reduced. At last I decided to test Schiissler's medicine. I gave Potassium sulphate. The result was very favourable....

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