Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors: Abstract of Minutes, Compiled by the Secretary of the Association, 1889-1985

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Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors of America, 1920 - Insurance, Life - 112 pages

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Page 162 - I hold every man a debtor to his profession; from the which, as men of course do seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves, by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto.
Page 66 - The history of influenza so far as it is known, that is, for several centuries, comprises a series of long cycles in which great pandemics alternate with periods of relative quiescence, the length of cycles as measured by the intervals between pandemics being usually a matter of decades. The special characteristics of influenza pandemics are their wide and rapid extension, their high attack rates, and great effect on general mortality rates.
Page 56 - The fact that a previous attack brings immunity in a certain percentage of cases should allay fear on the part of those afflicted in the previous epidemic. Influenza is spread by direct and indirect contact. It is not yet certain that the germ has. been isolated, or discovered, and as a consequence there is yet no positive preventive, except the enforcement of rigid rules of sanitation and the avoidance of personal contact. A close relation between the influenza pandemic and the constantly increasing...
Page 55 - Probably, but by no means certainly, there will be a recurrence of the influenza epidemic this year. "Indications are, that should it 'occur, it will not be as severe as the previous pandemic.
Page 101 - ... For. The underlying principle in the numerical method of medical selection rests on the assumption that the average risk accepted by a company has a value of 100 per cent., and that each one of the factors which make up a risk shall be expressed numerically in terms of 100 per cent., and that, by the summation of them, or by some modification of their summation, the value of any risk shall be determined and expressed with relation to that standard. Everyone who passes judgment upon a risk carries...
Page 67 - City officials, state and city boards of health, should be prepared in the event of a recurrence. "The fact that a previous attack brings immunity in a certain percentage of cases should allay fear on the part of those afflicted in the previous epidemic.
Page 167 - ... favorable factors may very well produce a valuation even lower than so favorable a combination would produce in nature. Undoubtedly the stock from which such a risk springs has expressed its moral and its physical energy in the occupation and the temperate life of this individual. On the other hand, the rating for a bartender who is known to use alcohol freely or from time to time to excess is not the algebraic summation of the two factors of Occupation and Habits for the reason that the high...
Page 3 - The first, order of business was the election of officers; there being one candidate for each office, motion was made and carried that the secretary be instructed to cast a ballot electing those nominated at the previous meeting.
Page 158 - ... are: (1) that it results in a more uniform treatment of risks because the judgment of the individual medical selector is steadied and restrained by the use of standards; (2) that the liability to error is greatly reduced by the detailed analysis to which each risk is subjected; (3) that the work of the medical expert is much lessened because so much of it may safely be entrusted to clerks; (4) that a more careful analysis of difficult or doubtful cases is made possible because past experience...
Page 129 - ... other use of them. Finally we should like to say that, 1 . We do not believe that the whole truth is included in the numerical system as now practiced or that it cannot be changed to advantage in many of its details. In fact, we stand ready to modify our present views in the light of new evidence. 2. We do not believe that the system is theoretically correct at all points, but we agree fully with the actuary of one of the large companies who employs the system when he says that the numerical...

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