Abstracts of the 6th International Symposium on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins: Uppsala, August 1979

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Pergamon, 1979 - Toxins - 213 pages
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J R APSALON I M GOTGILE 2 Effect of chemical modification on presynaptic activity of phos
R BATZRIIZRAELI and A BDOLAH 7 Fractionation of Pseudocerastes fleldi venom
G THEAKSTON and H A REID 189 The use of enzymelinked immunosorbent assay ELISA in venom
VITAL BRAZIL M D FONTANA and 17 Mode of action of crotoxin at the guineapig neuromuscular junction
w A CATTERALL 22 Neurotoxins as allosteric modifiers of action potential sodiui
s CHAPMAN 23 The clinical management of the local and systemic effects of jr
E CONDREA 28 Hemolytic effects of snake venoms
DERENZINI A GASPERI CAMPANI 35 Effects in vivo of ricin abrin and modeccin
A KREGER D LYERLY and L GRAY 93 Purification and activities of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Serratia
A LJUNGH and T WADSTROM 105 Aeromonas hydrophilia enterotoxin
S MATHUR 118 Histopathological changes in the liver of fish resulting from exposu
MIDDELDORP and B WITHOUT 126 Functional role of the outer membrane in the transfer of heat
R T NOZAWA N YANAKI and T YOKOTA 132 Cell growth and phagocytic activity of mouse peritoneal macro
S P PATTERSON 138 Metabolism and mode of action of aflatoxin in relation to
R SEEGER 165 y inly IK toxins of Basidiomycetes
PRIMOR and A T TU 143 Conformation of the Pardaxin the purified polypeptide from

F ELLING 42 Enzyme histochemical studies of ochratoxin Ainduced mycotoxk
A FEDINEC 47 Neural transport of tetanus toxin Considerations of localization
GALANOS 53 Biological properties of lipopolysaccharides LPS and lipid
K GUBENEKand A RITONJA 61 N terminal sequence of moderately toxic phospholipase A from
J B HARRIS 65 Phospholipase A activity of notexin
HARVEY and E KARLSSON 69 Dendrotoxin from the green mamba Dendroaspis angusricep
H IKEZAWA 74 The action of bacterial phospholipases C on plasma membrane
interaction with
W R KEM and K M BLUMENTHAL 86 Cytotoxins of some marine invertebrates
PARKER S C SCHWARTZMAN trehalose dimycolate
SAWAI 159 Study on snakebites in the Asian areas
S SHKENDEROV and K KOBUROVA 171 Analgesic effects of bee venom and its peptide fractions OA and
K STOCKER 178 Snake venom proteases affecting blood coagulation and fibrinolysb
TESSEREAUX and c ALSEN 188 Studies on the mode of action of ATX II a toxin from Anemonic
THELESTAM 191 Mechanisms of action of cytolytic toxins on human fibroblasts
J A VICK M SANDERS and O N FELLOWS 198 Use of Sanders modified neurotoxin in the treatment of lethal
the immunogenic properties

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