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Xlibris, 2009 - Fiction - 276 pages
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Bangalore, India. From author Kalpana M. Naghnoor comes an exhilarating tale about a seven year old child. He grows up with adversity stalking his life and loneliness ensnaring him and yet his quiet charm capitulating, every situation to his advantage. Abstruse unfolds the life of Brij Raghavan, adopted son of Director General of Police, in Bangalore. Ever since he was abandoned by his mother Sherlin at Shanthi Vilas, the palatial abode of his father, Brij has a grouse with destiny. His father's wife never fails to insultingly remind him of his bastard status- her game of one-upmanship rather disconcerting. His father will not let on that Brij was indeed his biological son for fear of losing standing in society. Ironically the adopted status convolutes into emotions rather promiscuous and Brij fi nds his step-sister falling in love with him. Brij follows in the footsteps of his father and joins the police force. He submerges his hurt feelings and plunges himself into work. Yet the accolades that come his way sound bitter. Brij works harder until his success at meticulous deduction and cracking of crime is coffee table conversation. Then like life was again in conduit with adversity there is a huge disastrous explosion - the mercenaries have signed in! Read to fi nd out in this uplifting tale of love, loss and the complications life brings.

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