Academic Honors in Princeton University 1748-1902

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John Rogers Williams
Princeton University, 1902 - 254 pages

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Page 7 - ... in publickly burning the effigies of his Excellency Governor Hutchinson, and also insulting an honourable member of this Board for endeavouring in a very becoming manner to prevent the said riotous proceedings...
Page 218 - Resolved, That it would be wise to establish in respect of all State legislation of a general character a system of referendum similar to that established in Switzerland.
Page xii - Reading the English language with propriety and grace, and being able to answer all questions on its orthography and grammar. 2. Reading the Latin and Greek languages in the same manner, with particular attention to true quantity. 3. Speaking Latin. 4. Latin versions. 5. Pronouncing English orations. The preference was determined by ballot, and all present permitted to vote who were graduates of this or any other College.
Page 220 - Resolved, That a formal alliance between the United States and Great Britain for the protection and advancement of their common interests is advisable.
Page 221 - Resolved, That Congress was justified in imposing the terms embodied in the Platt amendment to the army appropriation bill, as conditions precedent to leaving the government and control of Cuba to its people, the condition with regard to the title to the Isle of Pines being excepted.
Page xvi - the interest of which was to be expended in the purchase of clothes for poor people to be distributed at Michaelmas in each year for ever.
Page 219 - Resolved: That, assuming the adoption of adequate constitutional amendments, the United States should institute a system of responsible cabinet government.
Page 219 - That national party lines should be disregarded in the choice of Councils and administrative Officials in American Municipalities.
Page xxiv - Department or the Sheffield Scientific School, who shall have pursued courses in Political Science and English Literature, and shall have prepared the best essay, in English prose, upon some subject of contemporaneous interest in the domestic or foreign policy of the United States government, selected by the Faculty.
Page xii - Trustees think fit to bestow upon those, who have distinguished themselves by their literary Productions, or their Appearances in public Life. On the Day preceding the Commencement last Year, there was (and it will be continued yearly hereafter) a public Exhibition, and voluntary Contention for Prizes, open for every Member of College. These were first, second, and third Prizes, on each of the following Subjects. 1. Reading the English Language with Propriety and Grace, and being able to answer all...

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