Accentuating: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature AccentuatingOne rule runs into, and against, another as in a most complicated grammar, or as in Chinese pronunciation, wherein I am told that the slightest change in accentuation or tone of voice alters the meaning of a whole sentence.ndash;Samuel Butler (1835-1902) in Erewhon (Revised Edition).The warning this severity gave was accentuated in one instance in a most effective manner.ndash;Charles Morris (editor) in The San Francisco Calamity.He had a good deal of this state pride himself, although in a less accentuated form, and, after the momentary thought, he went on.ndash;Joseph A. Altsheler in The Star of Gettysburg.Its futile diabolism but accentuated its appeal.ndash;Gertrude Atherton in The Sisters-In-Law.The face, under the soft lines of youth, was less oval than it looked, for the chin was square and the jaw bone accentuated.ndash;Gertrude Atherton in Sleeping Fires: A Novel.They accentuated the lifelessness, the petrifaction, the intense and sinister quiet of the prostrate city.ndash;Gertrude Atherton in The Sisters-In-Law.Is it not also wise to remember now aagain that Queensland possesses two types of tropical climate, accentuated by boundaries having far great significance than those which divide tropical from temperate Australia, and worlds apart in their distinctions?ndash;E.J. Banfield in The Confessions of a Beachcomber.Miss Demorest's beauty was by no means remarkable, although it was accentuated by the most bizarre creation of the French shops.ndash;Rex Beach in The Auction Block.But these leaks were few and served only to accentuate the blackness of his environment, which his imagination found it easy to people with all manner of unfamiliar shapes, menacing, uncanny, or merely grotesque.ndash;Ambrose Bierce in Can Such Things Be?.The solemn purpose cannot dignify, but only accentuates by contrast the foreknown futility.ndash;Ambrose Bierce in The Devil's Dictionary.

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