Accusing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Familiar Quotations SelectingA diet is a selection of food that makes other people lose weight.ndash;AnonymousHistory is a selective interpretation of events designed to justify those currently in power. Memory is the same thing on an individual scale.ndash;AnonymousWe must select the Illusion which appeals to our temperament and embrace it with passion, if we want to be happy.ndash;Cyril ConnollyWhat is a novel if not a conviction of our fellow-men's existence strong enough to take upon itself a form of imagined life clearer than reality and whose accumulated verisimilitude of selected episodes puts to shame the pride of documentary history?ndash;Joseph ConradNatural selection, as it has operated in human history, favors not only the clever but the murderous.ndash;Barbara EhrenreichPeople exercise an unconscious selection in being influenced.ndash;T. S. EliotWisdom is meaningless until your own experience has given it meaning and there is wisdom in the selection of wisdom.ndash;Bergen EvansFortunately art is a community effort --a small but select community living in a spiritualized world endeavoring to interpret the wars and the solitudes of the flesh.ndash;Allen GinsbergTo will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action until the goal is reached. The key is action.ndash;Michael HansonWe begin to see, therefore, the importance of selecting our environment with the greatest of care, because environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our minds is extracted.ndash;Napoleon Hill

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