Across Seven Seas: The Memoir of a War Veteran

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Xlibris Corporation, Sep 14, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 329 pages
Turn Around Adverse Circumstances in Your Own Favor, Handicapped No Sir, No! -- Learn from my experiences

Unique True Story

Its entertaining, absorbing, full of fun stuff, emotional, romantic, educative, insight of young soldier in combat, emotions of a blind soldier, Asian perception of South Africa, America and above all very high value Lifes Lessons a Must read

o Develop Never Say Die Approach
o Always In Pursuit of Excellence, Combine fun with work
o Positive Attitude is a fortiori greater than education, greater than wealth..,

Why Unique?
Unique Because...

"This is the amazing life story of a remarkable man, who despite the loss of one eye in battle still rose to the rank of Colonel in the Indian Army before becoming totally blinded with the loss of his second eye. His story is told against the historic backdrop of the partition of India, the creation of Pakistan, the Indo-Pakistan Wars of 1965 and 1971 that created new countries out of pre-independence India. Colonel Virendra Swarup, fondly known as Viru to his friends and family, won the Wound Medal (equivalent to the US Purple Heart), commanded two saber squadrons of most famous regiment the Poona Horse (17th Queen Victorias Own Cavalry) and the Roaring Fours (The Forty-Four Armored Regiment), and witnessed the creation of a new world. His is a poignant and courageous story and a celebration of life. This is not just a book for those interested in military history, the history of India and of the British role abroad but for anyone who applauds survival against the odds."---
Melissa Lumley
London, UK

"First, let me say what an incredible life youve led. Sounds like a blockbuster movie with love, tragedy, war, passion, and overcoming obstacles. Encouraging indeed...

I am excited by your book; you have a natural talent for telling a story and you have many to tell in here.
Ed Munson

"This is the story of a down-to-earth soldier of the Indian Army, who on learning of the outbreak of war, cuts short his leave and hotfoots it to join his regiment; barely escaping death in action loses an eye; attains professional competence to command an armored regiment; while still in service loses his second eye. How with a never-say-die attitude, he tackled lifes problems and even indulged in playing golf. He traveled all over the world and finally reached the US; his exposure to the American way of life is interesting. - Worth reading by active and enterprising persons."
Colonel (Retired) Devinder Singh Grewal
Chandigarh, India

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About the author (2007)

Born and raised in India, Colonel Virendra Swarup, a downright soldier. With his never-say-die-approach, right attitude, despite loosing his right eye in one of the combat as a Lieutenant, forged ahead, tearing through his roller-coaster life, rose up to the rank of Colonel, commanded the 44 Armored Regiment and held various coveted appointments in the Indian Army. In 1992, he got blinded and got his rehab training in Optima College, South Africa, and acquired a guide dog from the Seeing Eye, USA. He is currently busy writing a fiction, about A Mysterious Woman. He stays in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

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