Act Like a Man: A Collection of Plays Starring the Average Adult Male

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Drama - 300 pages

The Dolphin Man and Associations of this and theory of correlations to rise of divinity is in three parts. The first is overview to intelligence procedures, and to establish an intra-psychic apparatus. Events portray value to form of the mind, and to get events of a magical nature.

I offer references to planet side service, and suggest an allegory in the Jedi knight. Art form is suggested, and aim to an impossibility to give existence to the explicit mind. Aragon and Lord of Rings King was told, "Put aside the Ranger and be the Man you were born to be". I present descriptions of magic by will, need and deep soul.

Theological text offers an one theory origination in provenances of time. I include Biblical books, Book of Mormon, and Koran. It finds associations of text, and suggest basis to evolution of divinity in context. These books suggest system to find correlation; although cause is impossibility. The system is a reflection.

I trace events of value to enhance of spirit. These include logos of persons to arise spontaneous consciousness, world events to unite Earth, and the intra-psyche in creativity. I portray a white and blonder series.

The book is in Classic English, and requires provenance of time/person; while to see unframed method of abstraction to process continually resource. I discuss classical English and use, and describe an enhancement to intelligence to follow. Math and word to predicate story is outlined, and inflation to English described.

Dolphin Man emerges of sequential series of principle, and will not be plain spoken language. Divine text are referenced. It is a photographic book, and two readers are unlikely to have similar report.

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