Active Chemistry

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It's About Time, Incorporated, 2003 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 216 pages
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Table of Contents
States of Matter Solid Chapter Assessment PTI45
Properties of Matter SE28 Scenario Challenge CC 148

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acid-base indicators acids and bases Active Chemistry log Alka-Seltzer alkaline earth metals alpha particles aluminum ammonia argon astatine atomic mass atomic mass units atomic number Avogadro's baking soda Balmer series barium nitrate barium sulfate beaker beryllium bonds boron bromine calcium calcium hydroxide carbon dioxide Chapter Challenge characteristics charge Chem Words chemical change chemical elements chemical equation chemical formula chemical reaction chemists chloride colligative property colloid color combine contains Cool Chemistry Show copper II Coulomb's constant covalent covalent bond density describe discuss your responses ductile electric electric charge electrolysis electromagnetic spectrum electron configuration endothermic energy level exothermic Exothermic Reaction Explain filter paper flame test fluorine heat energy helium However hydrocarbons hydrochloric hydrochloric acid hydrogen atom hydronium hydroxide Investigate iodine ionic bonding ionic compounds ionization energies iron III isotopes isotopes of chlorine John Dalton Joseph Proust kinetic energy light liquid lithium magnesium magnesium oxide material measure Mendeleev metal mixture molecules neutrons nitrate nitrogen noble gas nonmetals nuclear nucleus number of electrons number of protons octet rule orbitals oxide oxygen particles Paschen series periodic table periodic table Group phenolphthalein physical polyatomic ion polymer potassium potassium carbonate potassium iodide prepared to discuss properties protons react reactants reaction rate Record your ideas Record your observations redox silver nitrate sodium sodium chloride sodium hydrogen carbonate sodium hydroxide sodium nitrate sodium polyacrylate sodium sulfate sodium tetraborate solid Solubility Rules solution special effect spectrum splint Strong nuclear force strontium subatomic particle sublevel substance sulfate sulfur supersaturated teacher temperature test tube Tyndall Effect valence electrons wavelength Write zinc zinc chloride

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