Activities of Soviet Secret Service: (testimony of Nikolai Evgeniyevich Khokhlov, Former MGB Agent). Hearing Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-third Congress, Second Session ... May 21, 1954

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Page 13 - I put on a uniform oi a German officer, and I was transported behind the lines of the front. In the uniform of the German officer, I penetrated Minsk, which was occupied by the Germans. I found people who could carry out the matter of killing Kube. And Kube was killed. Perhaps my superiors at the time, on the strength of this, thought that I could be a killer under any conditions and any place. GRIMES. How was Kube, the Gauleiter, killed?
Page 19 - Is that pan of the Beria purge? KHOKHLOV. Yes, it was officially written in the indictment of Beria's trial, that Sudoplatov was arrested precisely for the terroristic activities of Beria. GRIMES. And although arrested and charged with the crime of committing terroristic activities, the same terroristic activities continued right after his arrest, did they not, and continued as far as you know right down to the present time? KHOKHLOV. Yes. JENNER. Does he know how Beria was arrested?
Page 26 - War in the United States of America ? Mr. KHOKHLOV. This is not known to me, but I know something else. I know that every man who participated on the Communist side in the Spanish War is within the purview of the Soviet intelligence, in the field of investigation.
Page 4 - This service is engaged in sending agents abroad and in the countering of the activities of enemy agents. When this organization, exists alone, its name is MGB. When this organization is merged into a ministry of internal affairs, then its identity, or the name, is lost, and it becomes a part of either MVD, or as it was, NKVD. GRIMES. What is the purpose of the MGB? KHOKHLOV. The development of the intelligence work abroad, and the fight against the foreign agents, intelligence agents. GRIMES. Did...
Page 6 - Studnikov told me that I am given an assignment to organize a liquidation of one of the most distinguished...
Page 1 - We know that the Soviet Government of Russia is a tyrannical dictatorship. We know it cannot rely upon the support of its own people. We know it must rely therefore upon the terror exerted by its secret service.
Page 17 - There was no more war. But I was ordered to go to Paris, and assassinate there a certain Russian emigre. I know that it was impossible because I was an intelligence man, but I was never an assassin. And I refused it. Taking as my excuse for this refusal, simply the fact that I am simply afraid of it.
Page 20 - KHOKHLOV. Yes, within this organization, there is a certain section which is engaged in work on America.
Page 5 - GRIMES. Would you please state the events from the time that you received this assignment, where you received it, when you received it, and who gave you this assignment? KHOKHLOV. I received an assignment on the organization for the assassination of Okolovich in the beginning of October, 1953. GRIMES. Who was Okolovich? KHOKHLOV. One of the leaders of the emigre* movement known as NTS. JENNER. What does NTS stand for? KHOKHLOV. National Labor Work Alliance. GRIMES.
Page 12 - KHOKHLOV. First of all, this work consisted of sending personnel, which means that first you had to select, to train them...

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