Additions to the homoeopathic materia medica

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H. Turner, 1858 - Health & Fitness - 104 pages
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Page 48 - For spermatorrhoea properly so called, or emission of semen without erections, there is no remedy which has yet received the sanction of experience.
Page 31 - If any notable quantity of sulphate of lime (gypsum) existed in the soil, a white precipitate will gradually form in the fluid, and the weight of it will indicate the proportion. Phosphate of lime...
Page 35 - The kousso should be taken in the morning fasting. The only preparation necessary is that the last meal of the previous evening should be slight. The evacuation of the bowels by a mild purgative or a lavement is also desirable. The mode of administering the remedy is as follows : The powdered flowers are to be mixed with lukewarm water, (for an adult about ten ounces,) and allowed to infuse for a quarter of an hour.
Page 94 - ... of blood in the neck and head, and such a sense of suffocation that I could not lie down, and was actually obliged to sleep that night in...
Page 36 - Abyssinia," where it is stated that "its operation is speedy and effectual ; and to judge by the prostration of strength it occasioned in my servants when they employed this medicine, it must be dreadfully severe. I can answer for this, that it occasions frequent miscarriages, often fatal to the mother, and even men have been known, after a large dose, to have died the same day from its consequences. I am therefore surprised at the noise this...
Page 73 - Springs, was bit in the foot by a mocassin snake, a species considered the most dangerous. An inflammation and swelling of his whole leg took place immediately, but by taking the milky juice of this plant boiled in milk, inwardly, and applying to the wound the steeped leaves, which were very frequently changed, he was cured in a few days.
Page 16 - When confined in the stomach, Alum causes inflammation of the entire mucous membrane, worse near the great cul-desac, where it is of a deep brown color. The walls of the stomach are much thickened at the pyloric extremity, and hardened as if tanned. The walls of the small intestines are slightly thickened, and lmed with a light yellowish substance. Traces of Alum may be found in the stomach long after it has been taken.
Page 36 - To promote the operation, tea (without sugar or milk) may be taken. In three or four hours, if the remedy has not operated, a dose of castor oil or a saline purgative should be administered.
Page 32 - I had a large boil on the back of my neck (right side), commencing with a dull aching pain; some difficulty and a bruised pain in keeping the head erect; slight nausea, want of appetite, and a little giddiness in the head at times. Pain in middle finger of the left hand, as of a gathering, for a short time only; and at the same time pain in inner side of left forearm, as of a boil developing; two nights before similar pains in corresponding parts of the right arm — query, are these effects of Bellis...
Page 49 - Eryngium Aquaticum.' In five days the emissions were entirely suppressed, and have not returned to this time (over two years ago). The emissions were without erections day or night, and followed by great lassitude.

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