Address Delivered Before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, at Madison, January 21, 1851

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Robinson & Brother, Printers, 1851 - Wisconsin - 48 pages

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Page 39 - St. Regis, Stockbridge, and Munsee nations for ever, all the right, title, interest, and claim of them, the Menomonie and Winnebago nations of Indians, to the lands comprehended within and described by the following boundaries, viz : Beginning at the foot of the rapids on the Fox river, usually called the Grand...
Page 28 - St. Vincents, and the neighboring villages, who have professed themselves citizens of Virginia, shall have their possessions and titles confirmed to them, and be protected in the enjoyment of their rights and liberties.
Page 27 - property ', as applied to lands, comprehends every species of title inchoate or complete. It is supposed to embrace those rights which lie in contract ; those which are execuatory, as well as those which are executed.
Page 27 - States, in the meantime, at their discretion, extending their settlements to any part within the said boundary line, except within the precincts or jurisdiction of any of the said posts. "All settlers and traders within the precincts or jurisdiction of the said posts, shall continue to enjoy, unmolested, all their property, of every kind, and shall be protected therein. They shall be at full liberty to remain there, or to remove with all or any part of their effects; and it shall also be free to...
Page 39 - ART. 1. The Chippewa nation of Indians, in consideration of the stipulations herein made on the part of the United States, do hereby, forever, cede to the United States the land comprehended within the following lines and boundaries : Beginning at a point in the present...
Page 28 - ... violated, that sense of justice and of right which is acknowledged and felt by the whole civilized world would be outraged, if private property should be generally confiscated, and private rights annulled. The people change their allegiance, their relation to their ancient sovereign is dissolved, but their relations to each other, and their rights of property, remain undisturbed.
Page 39 - Traverse,- thence westerly on the highlands between the Lake Superior and Green Bay to the upper forks of the Menomonee river, thence to the Plover portage of the Wisconsin river, thence up the Wisconsin river to the Soft Maple river, thence to the source of the Soft Maple river, thence west to the...
Page 42 - French fort, are yet very distinguishable. Though capacious and apparently strong, it was probably calculated for defence against musketry and small arms only. — None can recollect the time of the erection of this fort — it was far beyond the memory of the oldest ; nor can the time of its erection be determined by any evidence to be obtained. Some difference of opinion seems to exist there as to the question, whether it was originally built by the French or by the Spanish Government. It is evidently...
Page 40 - That they, the Menomonee nation, shall not in any manner infringe upon any settlements or improvements whatever which may be in any manner made by the said Stockbridge, Oneida, Tuscarora, St. Regis or Munsee nations."2 It will be seen that the New York Indians had much the better of the bargain.
Page 40 - ... mouth of Green Bay so as to include all the lands of the grand traverse thence from the mouth of Green Bay aforesaid a northwesterly course to a plane an on the northwest shore of Lake Michigan generally known & distinguished by the name of Weyohquatonk by the Indians, Bay de noque by the French thence a westerly course on the heighth of land separating the waters running into Lake Superior and those running into lake Michigan to the head of the Menomenie river, thence continuing nearly the same...

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