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Salem Democrat Steam Print, 1879 - Indiana - 127 pages
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Page 13 - What's a lady ? Is it something Made of hoops and silks and airs, Used to decorate the parlor, Like the fancy mats and chairs ? Is it one who wastes on novels Every feeling that is human ? If 't is this to be a lady, 'T is not this to be a woman.
Page 65 - Circle is embordered by two perpendicular parallel lines representing St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, who were perfect parallels in Christianity as well as Masonry; and upon the vertex rests the book of Holy Scriptures, which point out the whole duty of man.
Page 13 - Be a woman ! on to duty ! Raise the world from all that's low ; Place high in the social heaven Virtue's fair and radiant bow ; Lend thy influence to each effort That shall raise our nature human ; Be not fashion's gilded lady, — Be a brave, whole-souled, true woman ! EDWAED BKOOKS.
Page 8 - When the summer day of youth — is slowly wasting away into the nigntfall of age, and the shadows of past years grow deeper and deeper, as life wears to its close, it is pleasant to look back, through the vista of time, upon the sorrows and felicities of our earlier years. If we have a home to shelter, and hearts to rejoice with us, and friends have been gathered together around our firesides, then, the rough places of our wayfaring will have been...
Page 28 - ... shadow of an officer, — so thin and pallid that, when he was placed on the stand before them, the President of the Assembly, fearful, if the fate of France rested on the shrunken form, the ashy cheek before him, that all hope was gone, asked, " Young man, can you protect the Assembly ? " And the stern lips of the Corsican boy parted only to reply, " I always do what I undertake.
Page 69 - If a fool knows a secret, he tells it because he is a fool ; if a knave knows one, he tells it wherever it is his interest to tell it. But women and young men are very apt to tell what secrets they know, from the vanity of having been trusted. Trust none of these, whenever you can help it.
Page 102 - Howe, in making it, carried the invention of the sewing-machine farther on towards its complete and final utility, than any other inventor has ever brought a firstrate invention at the first trial. It is a little thing, that first machine, which goes into a box of the capacity of about a cubic foot and a half. Every contrivance in it has been since improved, and new devices have been added ; but no successful sewing-machine has ever been made...
Page 67 - It is so far interwoven with religion, as to lay us under obligations to pay that rational homage to the Deity, which at once constitutes our duty and our happiness.
Page 104 - ... whom he had left in perfect health, was dying. In a few hours he had in his house a dead child, but not the means of burying it, and five living dependents without a morsel of food to give them. A storekeeper near by had promised to supply the family, but, discouraged by the unforeseen length of the father's absence, he had that day refused to trust them further. In these terrible circumstances, he applied to a friend upon whose generosity...
Page 64 - Temperance is that due restraint upon our affections and passions, which renders the body tame and governable, and frees the mind from the allurements of vice. This virtue should be the constant practice of every mason ; as he is thereby taught to avoid excess, or contracting any licentious or vicious habit...

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