Adriaan Koerbagh, A Light Shining in Dark Places, to Illuminate the Main Questions of Theology and Religion

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BRILL, Nov 11, 2011 - History - 508 pages
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Ever since it was first written, Adriaan Koerbagh's anti-Christian work, "A Light Shining in Dark Places," has been nearly inaccessible. Had it been known during the Enlightenment, it would have been a great inspiration to radical thinkers. However, it was suppressed and the author died in jail. The full text is now available in English. Koerbagh demolishes such Christian notions as the Creator, the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus, heaven and hell, angels, devils and miracles. Instead, he presents a monistic world view in which Nature and God are identical. Theology is a part of natural science. God can only be worshipped by acting rationally. Koerbagh's rational religion is intended to contribute to a free, peaceful and liberal society.

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Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction Wiep van Bunge
Note on the Texts
Van Wesen Jehova en de Waereld
On Being Jehova and the World
Van de ketters en ketterijen de haereticis et haeresia
On heretics and heresies de haereticis et haeresia
Van den hemel de coelo
On heaven de coelo
Van de hel gehenna
On hell gehenna
Van de Godspraaken de oraculis en van de ligten en volmaaktheden urim en thummim
On oracles de oraculis and on the lights and perfections urim and thummim

Van de Drieeenheyd de Trinitate
On the Trinity de Trinitate
Van den Behouder gesegt Jesus
On the Saviour named Jesus
Van den Heyligen Geest de spiritu sancto
On the Holy Ghost de spiritu sancto
Van Goed ende Kwaad de bono et malo
On good and evil de bono et malo
Van de Godsdienst de religione
On religion de religione
Van de h schrift of het h boek de bibliis of s scriptura
On holy scripture or the holy book de bibliis or s scriptura
Van de booden die men segt te sijn goede geesten de angelis
On the messengers who are said to be good spirits de angelis
Van de lasteraars of tegenstanders die men segt te sijn kwaade geesten de diabolis satanis
On slanderers or adversaries said to be evil spirits de diabolis satanis
Van de spokerijen en verschijningen de spectris
On ghosts and apparitions de spectris
Van de wijsen en wijsheijd welke van de geestelijken gesegt worden te sijn tovenaars of boosgeestige konstenaars en toverij of boosgeestige konst ma...
On the wise and wisdom which the clergy claim to be magicians or evilspirited artists and magic or evilspirited art magoi et magia
Van de wonderwerken de miraculis
On miracles de miraculis

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Michiel Wielema, Ph.D. (1999) in Philosophy, Free University Amsterdam, is a professional Dutch-English translator and copy-editor. He has also published widely on the history of Spinozism and is the author, most recently, of "The March of the Libertines" (Verloren, 2004).

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