Advanced Fluid Mechanics

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Academic Press, Jun 21, 2007 - Science - 368 pages
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Fluid mechanics is the study of how fluids behave and interact under various forces and in various applied situations, whether in liquid or gas state or both. The author of Advanced Fluid Mechanics compiles pertinent information that are introduced in the more advanced classes at the senior level and at the graduate level. “Advanced Fluid Mechanics courses typically cover a variety of topics involving fluids in various multiple states (phases), with both elastic and non-elastic qualities, and flowing in complex ways. This new text will integrate both the simple stages of fluid mechanics (“Fundamentals ) with those involving more complex parameters, including Inviscid Flow in multi-dimensions, Viscous Flow and Turbulence, and a succinct introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics. It will offer exceptional pedagogy, for both classroom use and self-instruction, including many worked-out examples, end-of-chapter problems, and actual computer programs that can be used to reinforce theory with real-world applications.

Professional engineers as well as Physicists and Chemists working in the analysis of fluid behavior in complex systems will find the contents of this book useful. All manufacturing companies involved in any sort of systems that encompass fluids and fluid flow analysis (e.g., heat exchangers, air conditioning and refrigeration, chemical processes, etc.) or energy generation (steam boilers, turbines and internal combustion engines, jet propulsion systems, etc.), or fluid systems and fluid power (e.g., hydraulics, piping systems, and so on)will reap the benefits of this text.

  • Offers detailed derivation of fundamental equations for better comprehension of more advanced mathematical analysis
  • Provides groundwork for more advanced topics on boundary layer analysis, unsteady flow, turbulent modeling, and computational fluid dynamics
  • Includes worked-out examples and end-of-chapter problems as well as a companion web site with sample computational programs and Solutions Manual

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This book is full of mistakes. The author has tried to reduce the no. of pages by skipping most of the detailed mathematical derivations. But physical explanations are very little and unclear. Even the conservation equations are written wrong in the 2nd page of the very 1st chapter. It is unexpected to find so many stupid mistakes in a book of such advanced topics. 

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Inviscid Irrotational Flows
Irrotational TwoDimensional Flows
Surface and Interfacial Waves
Exact Solutions of the NavierStokes Equations
The Boundary Layer Approximation
Thermal Effects
Low Reynolds Number Flows
Flow Stability
Turbulent Flows
Computational MethodsOrdinaryDifferential Equations
Multidimensional Computational Methods

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