Advances in Biotechnology Research and Application: 2011 Edition

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ScholarlyEditions, Jan 9, 2012 - Medical - 697 pages
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Advances in Biotechnology Research and Application: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Biotechnology.

The editors have built Advances in Biotechnology Research and Application: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Biotechnology in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Advances in Biotechnology Research and Application: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility.


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BioModelsnet Web Services a free and integrated toolkit for computational modelling software
Proteomics data repositories providing a safe haven for your data and acting as a springboard for further research
The Proteomics Identifications database 2010 update
Touring Ensembl a practical guide to genome browsing
Bioinformaticscoupled molecular approaches for unravelling potential antimicrobial peptides coding genes in Brazilian native and crop plant species
Massively parallel sequencing and analysis of the Necator americanus transcriptome
An integrated pipeline for nextgeneration sequencing and annotation of mitochondrial genomes
The gputools package enables GPU computing in R
Noise tolerance of multiple classifier systems in data integrationbased gene function prediction
Remote origins of tailanchored proteins
Quantitative proteomics reveals myosin and actin as promising saliva biomarkers for distinguishing premalignant and malignant oral lesions
The Nterminal part of Binder of SPerm 5 BSP5 which promotes sperm capacitation in bovine species is intrinsically disordered
TreeGraph 2 combining and visualizing evidence from different phylogenetic analyses

Exploring classification strategies with the CoEPrA 2006 contest
MicroRazerS rapid alignment of small RNA reads
Bioinformatic prediction deep sequencing of microRNAs and expression analysis during phenotypic plasticity in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum
Comprehensive appraisal of the extracellular proteins from a monoderm bacterium theoretical and empirical exoproteomes of Listeria monocytogene...
EuGenemaize a web site for maize gene prediction
Computing the shortest elementary flux modes in genomescale metabolic networks
Roles of nonnative hydrogenbonding interaction in helixcoil transition of a single polypeptide as revealed by comparison between Golike and nonG...
Multiple structure alignment and consensus identification for proteins
A modified ant colony optimization algorithm for tumor marker gene selection
Testing for mean and correlation changes in microarray experiments an application for pathway analysis
The effect of simulated microgravity on human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in an osteogenic differentiation system a bioinformatics study
Annotation and merging of SBML models with semanticSBML
ABCSysBioapproximate Bayesian computation in Python with GPU support
Statistical inference of the timevarying structure of generegulation networks
Archaic chaos intrinsically disordered proteins in Archaea
Bioinformatic tools for identifying disease gene and SNP candidates
NEMO a tool for analyzing gene and chromosome territory distributions from 3DFISH experiments
AphidBase a centralized bioinformatic resource for annotation of the pea aphid genome
Biologically meaningful update rules increase the critical connectivity of generalized Kauffman networks
CORUM the comprehensive resource of mammalian protein complexes2009
Scientific discovery workflows in bioinformatics a scenario for the coupling of molecular regulatory pathways and geneexpression profiles
Bioinformatical approaches to characterize intrinsically disorderedunstructured proteins
Uncovering the complexity of transcriptomes with RNASeq
AntigenDB an immunoinformatics database of pathogen antigens
Bioinformatic mapping and production of recombinant Nterminal domains of human cardiac ryanodine receptor 2
Investigators at Institute of Bioinformatics release new data on genomics
DraGnET software for storing managing and analyzing annotated draft genome sequence data
CRISPI a CRISPR interactive database
A new approach for modelling gene regulatory networks using fuzzy petri nets
Role of CaMKII in RyR leak EC coupling and action potential duration a computational model
FiGS a filterbased gene selection workbench for microarray data
Functional impact of transposable elements using bioinformatic analysis and a comparative genomic approach
Bioinformatic analysis of TEspliced new exons within human mouse and zebrafish genomes
Differential profiling of human red blood cells during storage for 52 selected microRNAs
Bioinformatic analysis of Entamoeba histolytica SINE1 elements
Ultrafast FFT protein docking on graphics processors
Ranking through integration of proteinsimilarity for identification of cellcyclic genes
Largescale identification and analysis of Cproteins
Predicting citation count of Bioinformatics papers within four years of publication
ACCUSAaccurate SNP calling on draft genomes
Highaccuracy identification and bioinformatic analysis of in vivo protein phosphorylation sites in yeast
PCA2GO a new multivariate statistics based method to identify highly expressed GOTerms
Prediction of the binding affinities of peptides to class II MHC using a regularized thermodynamic model
ParaSAM a parallelized version of the significance analysis of microarrays algorithm
RIMA polymerase II flexibility during translocation from normal mode analysis
Target prediction and a statistical sampling algorithm for RNARNA interaction
Making room for new faces evolution genomics and the growth of bioinformatics
Knowledgebased annotation of small molecule binding sites in proteins
Threshold Average Precision TAPk a measure of retrieval designed for bioinformatics
Identification of substrates for SerThr kinases using residuebased statistical pair potentials
SNPRanker a tool for identification and scoring of SNPs associated to target genes
Learning to predict expression efficacy of vectors in recombinant protein production
New applied bioinformatics research reported from European Bioinformatics Institute
New applied bioinformatics study findings have been reported from M Frank et al
New bioinformatics data have been reported by PM Rancoita and coauthors
New bioinformatics research from RK Shardiwal and colleagues discussed
New drug development research has been reported by S Henrich et al
New findings from L Perezcano and coresearchers in the area of life sciences described
New life sciences findings from Bioinformatics Institute described
New life sciences study findings recently were published by P Revill and coresearchers
New proteomics research has been reported by F Li et al
Changes in protein expression profiles between a low phytic acid rice Oryza sativa L Ssp japonica line and its parental line a proteomic and bioinfor...
Proteomic and bioinformatic analysis of the rootknot nematode Meloidogyne hapla the basis for plant parasitism
Comparative study of discretization methods of microarray data for inferring transcriptional regulatory networks
PriorsEditor a tool for the creation and use of positional priors in motif discovery
Providing web servers and training in Bioinformatics 2010 update on the Bioinformatics Links Directory
Signaturediscovery approach for sample matching of a nerveagent precursor using liquid chromatographymass spectrometry XCMS and chemometrics
inGAP an integrated nextgeneration genome analysis pipeline
Modeling G proteincoupled receptors for structurebased drug discovery using lowfrequency normal modes for refinement of homology models App...
SeqBuster a bioinformatic tool for the processing and analysis of small RNAs datasets reveals ubiquitous miRNA modifications in human embryonic ...
WIWS a protein structure bioinformatics Web service collection
Identification of biologically relevant compounds in aboveground and belowground induced volatile blends
Reports from N Uchikoga and coresearchers add new data to research in applied bioinformatics
Research conducted at Institute for Bioinformatics has updated our knowledge about structural biology
Research conducted by BS Hendriks and coresearchers has updated our knowledge about life sciences
Deep and wide digging for binding motifs in ChIPSeq data
Research on biotechnology business detailed by scientists at European Bioinformatics Institute
Researchers at Research Center target applied bioinformatics
Scientists at Childrens Hospital target life sciences
Intellectual structure of biomedical informatics reflected in scholarly events
Exploring mitochondrial evolution and metabolism organization principles by comparative analysis of metabolic networks
Structural flexibility and interactions of PTP1Bs Sloop
Identification of immune genes of the Agamaki clam Sinonovacula constricta by sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of ESTs
The early asthmatic response is associated with glycolysis calcium binding and mitochondria activity as revealed by proteomic analysis in rats
Bioinformatic analysis of the human DHRS4 gene cluster and a proposed mechanism for its transcriptional regulation
In silico analysis of the potential infection mechanisms of Magnaporthe grisea from horizontal gene transfer hypothesis
Endtoend Cache System For Grid Computing Design And Efficiency Analysis Of A Highthroughput Bioinformatic Docking Application
FRODOCK a new approach for fast rotational proteinprotein docking
Knowledgebased analysis of microarrays for the discovery of transcriptional regulation relationships
DRIntegrator a new analytic tool for integrating DNA copy number and gene expression data
Identifiability of isoform deconvolution from junction arrays and RNASeq
A computational screen for site selective AtoI editing detects novel sites in neuron specific Hu proteins
Studies by P Bertolazzi and coauthors describe new findings in applied bioinformatics
Study data from P Revill et al provide new insights into life sciences
Easy retrieval of single aminoacid polymorphisms and phenotype information using SwissVar
EuroDia a betacell gene expression resource
MER41 repeat sequences contain inducible STAT1 binding sites
OpenFluDB a database for human and animal influenza virus
Learning combinatorial transcriptional dynamics from gene expression data
miRNAkey a software for microRNA deep sequencing analysis
Positive and negative cisregulatory elements directing postfertilization maternal mRNA translational control in mouse embryos
VDNA the virtual DNA plugin for VMD
Estimation and efficient computation of the true probability of recurrence of short linear protein sequence motifs in unrelated proteins
Spatial quantification and classification of skin response following perturbation using organotypic skin cultures
Multiscale modelling in computational biomedicine
Improving protein secondary structure prediction using a simple kmer model
Bayesian detection of nonsinusoidal periodic patterns in circadian expression data
CDHIT Suite a web server for clustering and comparing biological sequences
Dynamically weighted clustering with noise set
MSOAR 20 Incorporating tandem duplications into ortholog assignment based on genome rearrangement
Identification of complex metabolic states in critically injured patients using bioinformatic cluster analysis
Characterizing molecular adaptation a hierarchical approach to assess the selective influence of amino acid properties
Computational immunology meets bioinformatics the use of prediction tools for molecular binding in the simulation of the immune system
miRMaid a unified programming interface for microRNA data resources
Identification of protein binding surfaces using surface triplet propensities
Using surveys of Affymetrix GeneChips to study antisense expression
Bioinformatics and molecular modelling approaches to GPCR oligomerization
De novo assembly of short sequence reads
Documenting the emergence of bioontologies or why researching bioinformatics requires HPSSB
The GMOD Drupal bioinformatic server framework
Significant speedup of database searches with HMMs by search space reduction with PSSM family models
NeatMapnonclustering heat map alternatives in R
Discover regulatory DNA elements using chromatin signatures and artificial neural network
Congenic and bioinformatics analyses resolved a majoreffect Fob3b QTL on mouse Chr 15 into two closely linked loci
jORCA easily integrating bioinformatics Web Services
BioCatalogue a universal catalogue of web services for the life sciences
LINNAEUS a species name identification system for biomedical literature
Advances in translational bioinformatics computational approaches for the hunting of disease genes
Assembly complexity of prokaryotic genomes using short reads
First transcriptomic analysis of the economically important parasitic nematode Trichostrongylus colubriformis using a nextgeneration sequencing app...
Exonprimed introncrossing EPIC markers for nonmodel teleost fishes
A statistical framework for Illumina DNA methylation arrays
Unstable DNA Repair Genes Shaped by Their Own Sequence Modifying Phenotypes
Bioinformatic structural and functional analyses support release factorlike MTRF1 as a protein able to decode nonstandard stop codons beginning wit...
Kinetic and binding effects in peptide substrate selectivity of matrix metalloproteinase2 Molecular dynamics and QMMM calculations
OpenFlyData an exemplar data web integrating gene expression data on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
Ruffus a lightweight Python library for computational pipelines
Transcriptional and translational effects of intronic CAPN3 gene mutations
Automatic clustering of docking poses in virtual screening process using selforganizing map
Data integration using scanners with SQL outputthe bioscanners project at sourceforge
Expertomica Cells analysis of cell monolayer development
A simple and fast method to determine the parameters for fuzzy cmeans cluster analysis
Issues in bioinformatics benchmarking the case study of multiple sequence alignment
A multidimensional electrophoretic system of separation for the analysis of gene expression MESSAGE
A multifilter enhanced genetic ensemble system for gene selection and sample classification of microarray data
SimCT a generic tool to visualize ontologybased relationships for biological objects
TogoWS integrated SOAP and REST APIs for interoperable bioinformatics Web services
ISOLATE a computational strategy for identifying the primary origin of cancers using highthroughput sequencing
SOBA sequence ontology bioinformatics analysis
Hybridization thermodynamics of NimbleGen microarrays
Yeast genome analysis identifies chromosomal translocation gene conversion events and several sites of Ty element insertion
A dynamic Bayesian network for identifying proteinbinding footprints from single moleculebased sequencing data
Mixtures of regression models for time course gene expression data evaluation of initialization and random effects
Missing genes in the annotation of prokaryotic genomes
Phylogenomics reveals a diverse Rickettsiales type IV secretion system
Polynomial algebra of discrete models in systems biology
CGHpower exploring sample size calculations for chromosomal copy number experiments
On the betabinomial model for analysis of spectral count data in labelfree tandem mass spectrometrybased proteomics
Multinetclust an efficient tool for finding connected clusters in multiparametric networks
The CoFactor database organic cofactors in enzyme catalysis
Gap5editing the billion fragment sequence assembly
iMotifs an integrated sequence motif visualization and analysis environment
Backbone Model of an Aquareovirus Virion by CryoElectron Microscopy and Bioinformatics
Identification of immune genes of the miiuy croaker Miichthys miiuy by sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of ESTs
Biological Libraries
Biomechanical Engineering
Studies from JF Ganghoffer and colleagues yield new information about biomechanical engineering
Study results from M Geerligs and colleagues update understanding of biomechanical engineering
Effect of body roll amplitude and arm rotation speed on propulsion of arm amputee swimmers
Differences in loading of the temporomandibular joint during opening and closing of the jaw
Characterization of the Fatigue Behavior of the Medial Collateral Ligament Utilizing Traditional and Novel Mechanical Variables for the Assessment ...
Endovascular Nonthermal Irreversible Electroporation A Finite Element Analysis
The toughness of adipose tissue measurements and physical basis
Method for testing motion analysis laboratory measurement systems
Mechanical properties of the patellar tendon in adults and children
A simple new device to examine human stance the totterslab
The consistency of maximum running speed measurements in humans using a feedbackcontrolled treadmill and a comparison with maximum attaina...
Ground reaction forces and lower extremity kinematics when running with suppressed arm swing
What humeri are suitable for comparative testing of suture anchors? An ultrastructural bone analysis and biomechanical study of ovine bovine and h...
Musculoskeletal mechanobiology Interpretation by external force and engineered substratum
Using relative velocity vectors to reveal axial rotation about the medial and lateral compartment of the knee
Turbulence model choice for the calculation of drag forces when using the CFD method
Novel approach for a precise determination of shorttime intervals in ankle sprain experiments
A noninvasive acoustic and vibration analysis technique for evaluation of hip joint conditions
A phenomenological model and validation of shorteninginduced force depression during muscle contractions
Blood vessel buckling within soft surrounding tissue generates tortuosity
An EMGdriven biomechanical model that accounts for the decrease in moment generation capacity during a dynamic fatigued condition
Analytical Approach to Recovering Bone Porosity From Effective Complex Shear Modulus
A SteadyState Mass Transfer Model of Removing CPAs From Cryopreserved Blood With Hollow Fiber Modules
Passive nonlinear elastic behaviour of skeletal muscle Experimental results and model formulation
Optimal average path of the instantaneous helical axis in planar motions with one functional degree of freedom
Quantifying ligament crosssectional area via molding and casting
Muscle activity during the active straight leg raise ASLR and the effects of a pelvic belt on the ASLR and on treadmill walking
Vertical forces on the horses back in sitting and rising trot
Day and night time sprinkler irrigated tomato Irrigation performance and crop yield
Foaming control by automatic carbon source adjustment using an ORP profile in sequencing batch reactors for enhanced nitrogen removal in swine ...
Studies from MW Xu and colleagues reveal new findings on biosystems engineering
A bioactive foamed emulsion reactor for the treatment of benzenecontaminated air stream
Validation and finetuning of a predictive model for air quality in livestock buildings
Optical properties of reflection ground covers with potential for enhancing fruit colouration
Analysis of biomass feedstock availability and variability for the Peace River region of Alberta Canada
A model to manage cropshelter spatial development by multitemporal coverage analysis and spatial indicators
Effect of weight distribution on the slip efficiency of a fourwheeldrive skidder
Assessment of head loss equations developed with dimensional analysis for micro irrigation filters using effluents
Development of an algorithm for online measurement of percent residue cover
A comparison of analytical techniques for evaluating food waste degradation by anaerobic digestion
CFD prediction of odorous compound dispersion Case study examining a full scale waste water treatment plant
Comparison between grainsize analyses using laser diffraction and sedimentation methods
Automatic detection of African elephant Loxodonta africana infrasonic vocalisations from recordings
Variation in the physical properties of organomineral fertilisers with proportion of solid pig slurry compost
Evaluating ammonia emission potential from concrete slat designs for pig housing
The effect of different climatic conditions on wheat harvesting strategy and return
Moisture dependent thermal properties of peanut pods kernels and shells
Effects of cropmachine variables on paddy grain damage during handling with an inclined screw auger
Design parameters for adjusting the visual field of binocular stereo cameras
Methodology for grouping intakes of pressurised irrigation networks into sectors to minimise energy consumption
Collisionfree inverse kinematics of the redundant sevenlink manipulator used in a cucumber picking robot
Feasibility study for combining cooling and high grade energy production in a solar greenhouse
Integrated open loop control and design of a food storage room
Developing postharvest disinfestation treatments for legumes using radio frequency energy
Leachingbed reactor for producing stabilised plant growing media from dairy manure
Differential genomic responses in old vs young humans despite similar levels of modest muscle damage after resistance loading
Construction of a medicinal leech transcriptome database and its application to the identification of leech homologs of neural and innate immune genes
The transcriptomes of two heritable cell types illuminate the circuit governing their differentiation
Evolution of alternative splicing in primate brain transcriptomes
ClpP of Streptococcus mutans differentially regulates expression of genomic islands mutacin production and antibiotic tolerance
Defining the RNA polymerase III transcriptome Genomewide localization of the RNA polymerase III transcription machinery in human cells
Transcriptome analysis and tumor suppressor requirements of STAT5induced senescence
Functional genomics of mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae midguts and fat bodies
Identification of compounds with bioactivity against the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans by a screen based on the functional genomics of the marin...
Gingival Transcriptome Patterns During Induction and Resolution of Experimental Gingivitis in Humans
TAF6delta orchestrates an apoptotic transcriptome profile and interacts functionally with p53
Inosine cyanoethylation identifies AtoI RNA editing sites in the human transcriptome
Defining a rat blood pressure quantitative trait locus to a 818 kb congenic segment comprehensive sequencing and renal transcriptome analysis
The Genomedata format for storing largescale functional genomics data
Transcriptome analyses of mouse and human mammary cell subpopulations reveal multiple conserved genes and pathways
Comparative venom gland transcriptome analysis of the scorpion Lychas mucronatus reveals intraspecific toxic gene diversity and new venomous co...
Comprehensive annotation of the transcriptome of the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans using RNAseq
Advances in copperchalcopyrite thin films for solar energy conversion
Photoelectrochemical responses of anodized titanium oxide films
Impedance characterization of dyesensitized solar cells in a tandem arrangement for hydrogen production by water splitting
Coriented and 010 facets exposed BiVO4 nanowall films templatefree fabrication and their enhanced photoelectrochemical properties
Laser effects on porous silicon synthesis by photoelectrochemical etching process
Rapid Preparation and Photoelectrochemical Screening of CuInSe2 and CuInMSe2 Arrays by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
Screening of Novel Metal Oxide Photocatalysts by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and Research of Their Photoelectrochemical Properties
Photoelectrochemical control of the balance between cyclic and linear electron transport in photosystem I Algorithm for P700+ induction kinetics
Photoelectrochemical water oxidation by cobalt catalyst CoPialphaFe2O3 composite photoanodes oxygen evolution and resolution of a kinetic bottle...
Effects of annealing conditions on the photoelectrochemical properties of dyesensitized solar cells made with ZnO nanoparticles
Enhanced Carrier Transport of NDoped TiO2 for Photoelectrochemical Cells
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