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Reports outline therapeutics research from JF Borisoff and colleagues
Reports summarize magnetic resonance study results from LE Imbelloni and coresearchers
Reports summarize spinal cord injury study results from S Degroot and coresearchers
The effects of different rehabilitation strategies on the functional recovery of spinal cord injured rats an experimental study
Research findings from ML Costacurta et al update understanding of spinal cord injury in children
Research from JG Previnaire et al has provided new information about central nervous system
Research from National University of Ireland Department of Anatomy yields new findings on central nervous system
Research from R Thietje and coauthors reveals new findings on central nervous system

Spinal learning in the adult mouse using the Horridge paradigm
Cystectomy in patients with spinal cord injury indications and longterm outcomes
Pathophysiology of Bowel Dysfunction in Patients with Motor Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Comparison with Patients with Motor Complete Spinal ...
Modulation of spinal reflex by assisted locomotion in humans with chronic complete spinal cord injury
Rehabilitation of locomotion after spinal cord injury
A systematic literature review of psychological characteristics as determinants of outcome for spinal cord stimulation therapy
Intramedullary spinal cord cavernous malformations
No effect of armcrank exercise on diaphragmatic fatigue or ventilatory constraint in Paralympic athletes with cervical spinal cord injury
Changes in pubococcygeus muscle tension in the pelvic floor of rats after spinal cord injury
Human cervical spinal cord funiculi investigation with magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging
Detection of postoperative neurologic deficits using somatosensoryevoked potentials alone during posterior cervical laminoplasty
Distinct modes of migration position oligodendrocyte precursors for localized cell division in the developing spinal cord
Spinal cord injury in cervical spinal stenosis by minor trauma
Transplanted oligodendrocytes and motoneuron progenitors generated from human embryonic stem cells promote locomotor recovery after spinal c...
Lowerextremity functional electrical stimulation decreases platelet aggregation and blood coagulation in persons with chronic spinal cord injury a pil...
Bone and muscle loss after spinal cord injury organ interactions
Cognitive performance in hypotensive persons with spinal cord injury
C3 peptide enhances recovery from spinal cord injury by improved regenerative growth of descending fiber tracts
Electrical stimulation of the urethra evokes bladder contractions in a woman with spinal cord injury
Premarin improves outcomes of spinal cord injury in male rats through stimulating both angiogenesis and neurogenesis
Prevalence of tethered spinal cord in infants with VACTERL Clinical article
The effect of aminoguanidine on compression spinal cord injury in rats
Expression of KA1 kainate receptor subunit in the substantia gelatinosa of the trigeminal subnucleus caudalis in mice
Plasticity in the synaptic number associated with neuropathic pain in the rat spinal dorsal horn A stereological study
Roles of adenosine receptor subtypes on the antinociceptive effect of sildenafil in rat spinal cord
New needle biopsy technique for lumbar pyogenic spondylodiscitis
Plantar cutaneous afferents normalize the reflex modulation patterns during stepping in chronic human spinal cord injury
Organization of projections from the spinal trigeminal subnucleus oralis to the spinal cord in the rat A neuroanatomical substrate for reciprocal orofa...
Improvement of gait patterns in steptrained complete spinal cordtransected rats treated with a peripheral nerve graft and acidic fibroblast growth factor
Technical Aspects of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Managing Chronic Visceral Abdominal Pain The Results from the National Survey
Plasticity of synaptic inhibition in mouse spinal cord lamina II neurons during early postnatal development and after inactivation of the glycine recep...
Risk factors for spinal cord injury during surgery for spinal deformity
Chronic electrical stimulation of the intact corticospinal system after unilateral injury restores skilled locomotor control and promotes spinal axon out...
Synaptic pathways and inhibitory gates in the spinal cord dorsal horn
Demyelination versus remyelination in progressive multiple sclerosis
Sleep disordered breathing following spinal cord injury
Electrophysiological characterization of V2a interneurons and their locomotorrelated activity in the neonatal mouse spinal cord
SOX1 links the function of neural patterning and Notch signalling in the ventral spinal cord during the neuronglial fate switch
Genetically defined inhibitory neurons in the mouse spinal cord dorsal horn a possible source of rhythmic inhibition of motoneurons during fictive l...
Pain especially neuropathic pain in adults with spina bifida and its relation to age neurological level completeness gender and hydrocephalus
The effect of mesenchymal stem cell transplantation on the recovery of bladder and hindlimb function after spinal cord contusion in rats
Data from A ArevaloMartin et al provide new insights into hormones
Data on central nervous system discussed by S Moldenhauer and colleagues
Data on paraplegia reported by researchers at Institute of Sports Medicine
Serotonin release variations during recovery of motor function after a spinal cord injury in rats
Traumatic transection of the aorta and thoracic spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality in an adult patient
Prediction of Clinical Results of Laminoplasty for Cervical Myelopathy Focusing on Spinal Cord Motion in Intraoperative Ultrasonography and Post...
Healthrelated problems and effect of specific interventions in spinal cord injury An outcome study in Northern India
Late onset cervical myelopathy secondary to fibrous scar tissue formation around the spinal cord stimulation electrode
Dysphagia in acute tetraplegics a retrospective study
Spinal cord infarction following cricotracheal resection
Using the T2weighted magnetic resonance imaging signal intensity ratio and clinical manifestations to assess the prognosis of patients with cervical os...
Fourniers gangrene in a female with spinal cord injury a case report
Neuromuscular transmission failure and muscle fatigue in ankle muscles of the adult rat after spinal cord injury
A neural basis for motor primitives in the spinal cord
Administration of Chondroitinase ABC Rostral or Caudal to a Spinal Cord Injury Site Promotes Anatomical but Not Functional Plasticity
Conditional and continuous electrical stimulation increase cystometric capacity in persons with spinal cord injury
Effect and process evaluation of implementing standardized tests to monitor patients in spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Evaluation of the physical activity scale for individuals with physical disabilities in people with spinal cord injury
Employment at Closure Is Associated With Enhanced Quality of Life and Subjective WellBeing for Persons With Spinal Cord Injuries
Management of intramedullary spinal cord lesions interdependence of the longitudinal extension of the lesion and the functional outcome
Characterization of the hemodynamic response in the rat lumbar spinal cord using intrinsic optical imaging and laser speckle
Adenosine A1 receptor agonists reduce hyperalgesia after spinal cord injury in rats
Effects of acute exposure to static magnetic field on ionic composition of rat spinal cord
Upper gastrointestinal motility changes following spinal cord injury
Findings from C Ramos et al in laboratory chemicals reported
A modified decompression surgery for thoracic myelopathy caused by ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament a case report and literature review
Management of fracturedislocation of the lower cervical spine with the cervical pedicle screw system
Effectiveness of robotassisted gait training in persons with spinal cord injury a systematic review
Lithium treatment arrests the development of neurofibrillary tangles in mutant tau transgenic mice with advanced neurofibrillary pathology
Tumor Necrosis FactorAlpha and Its Receptors Contribute to Apoptosis of Oligodendrocytes in the Spinal Cord of Spinal Hyperostotic Mouse Twytw...
Nontumor lesions of spinal cord and spine
Neuropathological differences between rats and mice after spinal cord injury
Sustained delivery of thermostabilized chABC enhances axonal sprouting and functional recovery after spinal cord injury
Load redistribution in variable position wheelchairs in people with spinal cord injury
Perceived participation experiences from persons with spinal cord injury in their transition period from hospital to home
Coping Strategies Physical Function and Social Adjustment in People with Spinal Cord Injury
Temporalspatial expression of presenilin 1 and the production of amyloidbeta after acute spinal cord injury in adult rat
Hypoxiapreconditioned adipose tissuederived mesenchymal stem cell increase the survival and gene expression of engineered neural stem cells in a s...
Loss of inhibitory interneurons in the dorsal spinal cord and elevated itch in Bhlhb5 mutant mice
PTEN deletion enhances the regenerative ability of adult corticospinal neurons
Neuro magnetic resonance spectroscopy using wavelet decomposition and statistical testing identifies biochemical changes in people with spinal cord ...
Mens adjustment to spinal cord injury the unique contributions of conformity to masculine gender norms
Traumatic spinal cord injury and concomitant brain injury a cohort study
Decreased GLT1 and increased SOD1 and HO1 expression in astrocytes contribute to lumbar spinal cord vulnerability of SOD1G93A transgenic mice
Long and short multifunicular projections of sacral neurons are activated by sensory input to produce locomotor activity in the absence of supraspina...
Surgical outcomes of foramen magnum decompression for syringomyelia associated with Chiari I malformation relation between the location of the s...
CD133+ cells from human umbilical cord blood reduce cortical damage and promote axonal growth in neonatal rat organ cocultures exposed to hyp...
RhoARho kinase signaling in the spinal cord and diabetic painful neuropathy
Analysis of olfactory ensheathing glia transplantationinduced repair of spinal cord injury by electrophysiological behavioral and histochemical meth...
Relationship of spasticity to soft tissue body composition and the metabolic profile in persons with chronic motor complete spinal cord injury
Clinical functional and structural determinants of central pain in syringomyelia
Efficacy of treatment with verbascoside biotechnologically produced by Syringa vulgaris plant cell cultures in an experimental mice model of spinal ...
Collimator angle influence on dose distribution optimization for vertebral metastases using volumetric modulated arc therapy
Isolation and enrichment of embryonic mouse motoneurons from the lumbar spinal cord of individual mouse embryos
Cotransplantation of olfactory ensheathing glia and mesenchymal stromal cells does not have synergistic effects after spinal cord injury in the rat
Modulation of AMPA excitatory postsynaptic currents in the spinal cord dorsal horn neurons by insulin
Patientcooperative control increases active participation of individuals with SCI during robotaided gait training
Kainatemediated excitotoxicity induces neuronal death in the rat spinal cord in vitro via a PARP1 dependent cell death pathway Parthanatos
Neuroprotection of locomotor networks after experimental injury to the neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro
Susceptibility pattern of E coliassociated urinary tract infection UTI a comparison of spinal cord injuryrelated and nosocomial UTI
Validity Accuracy and Predictive Value of Urinary Tract Infection Signs and Symptoms in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury on Intermittent Cathe...
Wallerian degeneration of pyramidal tract after paramedian pons infarct
Spinal cord tethering following myelomeningocele repair
Efficient differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into oligodendrocyte progenitors for application in a rat contusion model of spinal cord injury
Expression and distribution of mTOR p70S6K 4EBP1 and their phosphorylated counterparts in rat dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord dorsal horn
Functional electrical stimulation helps replenish progenitor cells in the injured spinal cord of adult rats
qspace and conventional diffusion imaging of axon and myelin damage in the rat spinal cord after axotomy
Slope analysis of somatosensory evoked potentials in spinal cord injury for detecting contusion injury and focal demyelination
Spinal cord protein interacting with C kinase 1 is required for the maintenance of complete Freunds adjuvantinduced inflammatory pain but not for i...
High mobility group box 1 is upregulated after spinal cord injury and is associated with neuronal cell apoptosis
Characterization of nestin expression in the spinal cord of GFP transgenic mice after peripheral nerve injury
The relationship between bladder management and healthrelated quality of life in patients with spinal cord injury in the UK
Effects of audio feedback on sitting behaviors of communitydwelling manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injuries
Acute management of traumatic spinal cord injury in a Greek and a Swedish region a prospective populationbased study
Global gene expression analysis of rodent motor neurons following spinal cord injury associates molecular mechanisms with development of postinju...
Increased cardiovascular disease risk in Swedish persons with paraplegia The Stockholm spinal cord injury study
Mammalian target of rapamycin in spinal cord neurons mediates hypersensitivity induced by peripheral inflammation
Medical conditions and outcomes at 1 year after acute traumatic spinal cord injury in a Greek and a Swedish region a prospective populationbased st...
Origin of new glial cells in intact and injured adult spinal cord
Pain relief by spinal cord stimulation involves serotonergic mechanisms An experimental study in a rat model of mononeuropathy
Activity of 2 3cyclic nucleotide 3phosphodiesterase CNPase in spinal cord with spongy change induced by a single oral dose of aniline in rats
Laudanosine has no effects on respiratory activity but induces nonrespiratory excitement activity in isolated brainstemspinal cord preparation of neon...
Therapeutic potential of appropriately evaluated safeinduced pluripotent stem cells for spinal cord injury
The neurological outcome of spinal cord injured victims of the Bam earthquake Kerman Iran
Endogenous purinergic control of bladder activity via presynaptic P2X3 and P2X23 receptors in the spinal cord
Cortical overexpression of neuronal calcium sensor1 induces functional plasticity in spinal cord following unilateral pyramidal tract injury in rat
Traumatic cervical cord transection without facet dislocationsa proposal of combined hyperflexionhyperextension mechanism a case report
Schwann cells differentiated from spheroidforming cells of rat subcutaneous fat tissue myelinate axons in the spinal cord injury
Outcome of osteoplastic laminotomy for excision of spinal cord tumours
Impact of a limited trial of walking training using body weight support and a treadmill on the gait characteristics of an individual with chronic incom...
Nonassisted treadmill training does not improve motor recovery and body composition in spinal cordtransected mice
Electrical stimulation therapy increases rate of healing of pressure ulcers in communitydwelling people with spinal cord injury
Neuroprotective effect of baicalin on compression spinal cord injury in rats
Timecourse of recovery of gastric emptying and motility in rats with experimental spinal cord injury
Functioning and disability in spinal cord injury from the consumer perspective an international qualitative study using focus groups and the ICF
Identification of the most common problems in functioning of individuals with spinal cord injury using the International Classification of Functionin...
One womans story about her everyday life after a spinal cord injury
Structural analysis of the human tibia in men with spinal cord injury by tomographic pQCT serial scans
Functional recovery after transplantation of bone marrowderived human mesenchymal stromal cells in a rat model of spinal cord injury
Effects of multijoint spastic reflexes of the legs during assisted bilateral hip oscillations in human spinal cord injury
A longitudinal study of the life histories of people with spinal cord injury
Compressive myelopathy mimicking transverse myelitis
Relationship between scaffold channel diameter and number of regenerating axons in the transected rat spinal cord
Corticospinal Tract Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injury in Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Sigma Deficient Mice
Stimulation of dorsal root afferents increases the excitability of ascending sensory axons in the isolated spinal cord of mature mice
Examining the individual and perceived neighborhood associations of leisuretime physical activity in persons with spinal cord injury
Leisure time physical activity in a populationbased sample of people with spinal cord injury part II activity types intensities and durations
The lengthtension relationship of human dorsiflexor and plantarflexor muscles after spinal cord injury
Epidermal neural crest stem cell EPINCSCmediated recovery of sensory function in a mouse model of spinal cord injury
Lesion growth and degeneration patterns measured using diffusion tensor 94T magnetic resonance imaging in rat spinal cord injury Presented at the ...
_ 2009 review and revisions of the international standards for the neurological classification of spinal cord injury
A structural analysis of health outcomes after spinal cord injury
Computed tomography perfusion assessment of radiation therapy effects on spinal cord hemodynamics
Factor structure and predictive validity of somatic and nonsomatic symptoms from the patient health questionnaire9 a longitudinal study after spinal ...
Posttraumatic stress disorder and spinal cord injury
Prediction of somatic and nonsomatic depressive symptoms between inpatient rehabilitation and followup
Predictors of early mortality after traumatic spinal cord injury a populationbased study
The alternative and terminal pathways of complement mediate posttraumatic spinal cord inflammation and injury
The relationship of pressure ulcers race and socioeconomic conditions after spinal cord injury
Ependymoma of the spinal cord in children and adolescents a retrospective series from the HIT database
Differential Protein Levels and PostTranslational Modifications in Spinal Cord Injury of the Rat
Myelopathies in patients with cancer
An analysis of the length of stay in traumatic and nontraumatic spinal cord injured patients A rehabilitation unit experience in Saudi Arabia
Rare adverse effect of spinal cord stimulation micturition inhibition
The noggin2 gene of Gekko japonicus Gekkonidae is downregulated in the spinal cord after tail amputation
Differential tactile and motor recovery and cortical map alteration after C4C5 spinal hemisection
Strategies to restore motor functions after spinal cord injury
A force plate measurement system to assess hindlimb weight support of spinal cord injured rats
Nondysraphic intradural spinal cord lipoma case series literature review and guidelines for management
Shoulder joint kinetics during wheelchair propulsion on a treadmill at two different speeds in spinal cord injury patients
Meningeal T cells associate with diffuse axonal loss in multiple sclerosis spinal cords
Cell basedgene delivery approaches for the treatment of spinal cord injury and neurodegenerative disorders
The lived experience of moving forward for clients with spinal cord injury a Parse research method study
Expression profile of multiple secretory phospholipase A2 isoforms in the rat CNS enriched expression of sPLA2IIA in brainstem and spinal cord
Gait analysis of spinal cord injured rats after delivery of chondroitinase ABC and adult olfactory mucosa progenitor cell transplantation
New central nervous system data have been reported by CC Medalha and coauthors
New central nervous system data have been reported by researchers at General Hospital Department of Urology
New central nervous system research from DL Sherman and colleagues discussed
New central nervous system study findings have been reported by C Marcel and coresearchers
New central nervous system study findings recently were published by researchers at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
New connective tissue cells study findings have been reported by M Zurita and colleagues
New findings in central nervous system described by J Aguilar and coresearchers
New research on magnetic resonance imaging therapy from C Lima and coauthors summarized
New research on spinal cord injury genetics from University of Tennessee Health Science Center summarized
New skin infection research reported from Department of Veterans Affairs
New spinal cord injury research from PW New and colleagues discussed
Epidermal neural crest stem cells and their use in mouse models of spinal cord injury
Clinical analysis of spinal cord injury with or without cervical ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament spondylosis and canal stenosis in eld...
Pixelbased comparison of spinal cord MR diffusion anisotropy with axon packing parameters
Selfassembling peptide amphiphile promotes plasticity of serotonergic fibers following spinal cord injury
Interactions between focused synaptic inputs and diffuse neuromodulation in the spinal cord
Flexibility of motor pattern generation across stimulation conditions by the neonatal rat spinal cord
Management of spasticity after spinal cord injury current techniques and future directions
Quantification of the effects of an alpha2 adrenergic agonist on reflex properties in spinal cord injury using a system identification technique
Perceptions of exercise mastery in persons with complete and incomplete spinal cord injury
Progranulin expression is upregulated after spinal contusion in mice
Validity of acute and chronic tactile sensory testing after spinal cord injury in rats
Infantile cervical intramedullary cavernous angioma manifesting as hematomyelia Case report
Coexistent intramedullary spinal cord and choroidal metastases in ovarian cancer
Immunohistochemical study of multiple inflammatory pseudotumors with both brain and spinal cord involvementcase report
Limited functional recovery in rats with complete spinal cord injury after transplantation of wholelayer olfactory mucosa laboratory investigation
Spinal cord stimulation for central poststroke pain
Modulation of neuronal activity after spinal cord stimulation for neuropathic pain H215O PET study
Inhibition of TGFbeta 1 promotes functional recovery after spinal cord injury
Microsurgical anatomy of lumbosacral nerve rootlets for highly selective rhizotomy in chronic spinal cord injury
Glycine release from radial cells modulates the spontaneous activity and its propagation during early spinal cord development
Acrolein scavenging a potential novel mechanism of attenuating oxidative stress following spinal cord injury
The neuroprotective effects of fibronectin mats and fibronectin peptides following spinal cord injury in the rat
Applying functional MRI to the spinal cord and brainstem
Impact of exercise training on oxidative stress in individuals with a spinal cord injury
Limited value of bladder sensation as a trigger for conditional neurostimulation in spinal cord injury patients
No primary role of ambulatory urodynamics for the management of spinal cord injury patients compared to conventional urodynamics
Severe degeneration of peripheral motor axons after spinal cord injury a European multicenter study in 345 patients
Relation between corset use and lung function postural variation in spinal cord injury
Prospective analysis of body mass index during and up to 5 years after discharge from inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Feedback and feedforward locomotor adaptations to anklefoot load in people with incomplete spinal cord injury
Reflex responses to combined hip and knee motion in human chronic spinal cord injury
Assessment of postural muscle strength in sitting reliability of measures obtained with handheld dynamometry in individuals with spinal cord injury
Report summarizes life sciences study findings from X Li and coresearchers
Reports from MJ Hess and colleagues advance knowledge in spinal cord injury
Reports from Toronto Western Research Institute highlight recent research in spinal cord injury therapy
Research from U Graumann and coresearchers in the area of central nervous system described
Research from University Hamburg provides new data on spinal cord injury therapy
Research from YH Ma and coresearchers yields new findings on cell transplantation
Research on neuropathic pain detailed by MD Soler and coauthors
Research reports on central nervous system from MA van Loo and colleagues provide new insights
Researchers from University Hospital Department of Radiology report on findings in radiology
Developing evidencebased process maps for spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Utility of neurophysiological monitoring using dorsal column mapping in intramedullary spinal cord surgery
A 20year followup of the mesh wallstent in the treatment of detrusor external sphincter dyssynergia in patients with spinal cord injury
Age gender and side differences of cutaneous electrical perceptual threshold testing in an ablebodied population
Outcome parameters in spinal cord injury research a systematic review using the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health ICF ...
Transplantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells reduces lesion volume and induces axonal regrowth of injured spinal cord
Longterm effects of spinal cord stimulation on angina symptoms and quality of life in patients with refractory angina pectorisresults from the Europe...
Factors predictive of surgical outcome for ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the cervical spine
Genetic dissection of rhythmic motor networks in mice
Effect of graded water immersion on vital capacity and plasma volume in patients with cervical spinal cord injury
Evaluation of a wireless wearable tonguecomputer interface by individuals with highlevel spinal cord injuries
Voluntary exercise increases oligodendrogenesis in spinal cord
Scientists at INSERM report research in central nervous system
Scientists at Veterans Affairs Medical Center publish new data on molecular imaging
Hydrogenrich saline protects against spinal cord injury in rats
Primary intradural extramedullary melanoma of the cervical spinal cord case report
Oligodendrocytespinal cord explant coculture an in vitro model for the study of myelination
Expression of HGFcMet is dynamically regulated in the dorsal root ganglions and spinal cord of adult rats following sciatic nerve ligation
Polysialic Acid Glycomimetic Promotes Functional Recovery and Plasticity After Spinal Cord Injury in Mice
Using the Spinal Cord Independence Measure III to measure functional recovery in a postacute spinal cord injury program
Effects of differentiated versus undifferentiated adipose tissuederived stromal cell grafts on functional recovery after spinal cord contusion
Passive immunization with LINGO1 polyclonal antiserum afforded neuroprotection and promoted functional recovery in a rat model of spinal cord i...
H3K27me3 regulates BMP activity in developing spinal cord
Chronic Spinal Injury Repair by Olfactory Bulb Ensheathing Glia and Feasibility for Autologous Therapy
Extensive scarring induced by chronic intrathecal tubing augmented cord tissue damage and worsened functional recovery after rat spinal cord injury
Tail nerve electrical stimulation induces body weightsupported stepping in rats with spinal cord injury
Risk factors and treatment outcome in scuba divers with spinal cord decompression sickness
Stereotactic radiosurgery for treatment of spinal metastases recurring in close proximity to previously irradiated spinal cord
Postexercise heart rate recovery in individuals with spinal cord injury
Subclinical atherosclerosis is related to injury level but not to inflammatory parameters in spinal cord injury subjects
Retethering of sectioned fibrolipomatous filum terminale in an adult case report and review of the literature
Intrinsic response of thoracic propriospinal neurons to axotomy
Studies from I Ughratdar et al further understanding of central nervous system
Study data from S Golovac et al provide new insights into central nervous system
Study findings on spinal cord injury are outlined in reports from K Park and colleagues
Study results from CMC Vanleeuwen et al provide new insights into spinal cord injury
Study results from MJ Giannini and colleagues in the area of multiple sclerosis published
Immediate effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on spasticity in patients with spinal cord injury
Effects of functional electrical stimulation cycling exercise on bone mineral density loss in the early stages of spinal cord injury
Burden of spinal cord injury in Tehran Iran
Healthrelated quality of life among individuals with longstanding spinal cord injury a comparative study of veterans and nonveterans
Acute traumatic cervical cord injury in patients with os odontoideum
Effects of C3 deficiency on inflammation and regeneration following spinal cord injury in mice
Outcome measures evolution in clinical trials of neurologicalfunctional recovery in spinal cord injury
Performance of a repetitive task by aged rats leads to median neuropathy and spinal cord inflammation with associated sensorimotor declines
Increase of cFos and cJun expression in spinal and cranial motoneurons of the degenerating muscle mouse Scn8admu
Transplanted neural progenitor cells expressing mutant NT3 promote myelination and partial hindlimb recovery in the chronic phase after spinal cor...
Efficacy and limitations of intraoperative spinal cord monitoring using nasopharyngeal tube electrodes
Endoplasmic reticulum stress in motor neurons of the spinal cord in sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Effect of the artificial somatoautonomic neuroanastomosis on defecation after spinal cord injury and its underlying mechanisms
Expression of PirB in normal and injured spinal cord of rats
Endogenous radial glial cells support regenerating axons after spinal cord transection
Intraoperative use of indocyanine green fluorescence videography for resection of a spinal cord hemangioblastoma
Posttranslational regulation of Crmp in developing and regenerating chick spinal cord
Health locus of control and attributions of cause and blame in adjustment to spinal cord injury
Mammalian target of rapamycin signaling in the spinal cord is required for neuronal plasticity and behavioral hypersensitivity associated with neurop...
NG2 glia generate new oligodendrocytes but few astrocytes in a murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis model of demyelinating disease
Recovery after spinal cord relapse in multiple sclerosis is predicted by radial diffusivity
Spinal cord repair in MS does mitochondrial metabolism play a role?
Tcell infiltration and signaling in the adult dorsal spinal cord is a major contributor to neuropathic painlike hypersensitivity
Prognostic factors for the outcome of surgical and conservative treatment of symptomatic spinal cord cavernous malformations a review of a series o...
Spinal cord infarction due to fibrocartilaginous embolization the role of diffusion weighted imaging and shorttau inversion recovery sequences
Cervical cord compression due to delayed scarring around epidural electrodes used in spinal cord stimulation Report of 2 cases
The impact of cervical pedicle screws for primary stability in multilevel posterior cervical stabilizations
Effect of wearing an activity monitor on the amount of daily manual wheelchair propulsion in persons with spinal cord injury
Influence of season ethnicity and chronicity on vitamin D deficiency in traumatic spinal cord injury
Recovery of motoneuron and locomotor function after spinal cord injury depends on constitutive activity in 5HT2C receptors
Immunization with neuralderived antigens inhibits lipid peroxidation after spinal cord injury
The experience of spinal cord injury using Franks narrative types to enhance physiotherapy undergraduates understanding
Descending projections to the hindbrain and spinal cord in the paddlefish Polyodon spathula
Cervical cord compression due to delayed scarring around epidural electrodes used in spinal cord stimulation
International spinal cord injury cardiovascular function basic data set
Medication use is associated with fatigue in a sample of communityliving individuals who have a spinal cord injury a chart review
Quality of life instruments and definitions in individuals with spinal cord injury a systematic review
Response to functional electrical stimulation cycling in women with spinal cord injuries using dualenergy Xray absorptiometry and peripheral quantit...
Satisfaction with participation using a manual wheelchair among individuals with spinal cord injury
Physiotherapy secretion removal techniques in people with spinal cord injury a systematic review
Spinal cord injury rehabilitation research patient priorities current deficiencies and potential directions
Case control series of intrathecal autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell therapy for chronic spinal cord injury
Role of spinal cord glia in the central processing of peripheral pain perception
Deficits in bladder function following spinal cord injury vary depending on the level of the injury
Impaired immune responses following spinal cord injury lead to reduced ability to control viral infection
Quantitative analysis of cellular inflammation after traumatic spinal cord injury evidence for a multiphasic inflammatory response in the acute to chro...
Effects of intrathecal ketamine in the neonatal rat evaluation of apoptosis and longterm functional outcome
Validation of a preclinical spinal safety model effects of intrathecal morphine in the neonatal rat
Clinical presentation and surgical management of intramedullary spinal cord cavernous malformations
Functional recovery of stepping in rats after a complete neonatal spinal cord transection is not due to regrowth across the lesion site
Primary angiitis of the CNS PACNS with predominant cranial neuropathy and spinal cord involvement
Role of early surgical decompression of the intradural space after cervical spinal cord injury in an animal model
Urethral versus suprapubic catheter choosing the best bladder management for male spinal cord injury patients with indwelling catheters
Spine and spinal cord emergencies vascular and infectious causes
Lesioning alters functional properties in isolated spinal cord hemisegmental networks
Temporal Dynamics of Myelination in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord
Spinal cord injuries in South African Rugby Union 1980 2007
Neutralization of tumor necrosis factorrelated apoptosisinducing ligand reduces spinal cord injury damage in mice
Longterm survival and development of fetal ventral spinal grafts into the motoneurondepleted rat spinal cord role of donor age
LDopa effect on frequencydependent depression of the Hreflex in adult rats with complete spinal cord transection
Characterization of a human fetal spinal cord stem cell line NSI566RSC and its induction to functional motoneurons
Impaired transmission in the corticospinal tract and gait disability in spinal cord injured persons
Neuronal progenitor transplantation and respiratory outcomes following upper cervical spinal cord injury in adult rats
Impact of treadmill locomotor training on skeletal muscle IGF1 and myogenic regulatory factors in spinal cord injured rats
Influence of vagal afferents on supraspinal and spinal respiratory activity following cervical spinal cord injury in rats
Spinal circuitry and respiratory recovery following spinal cord injury
Soleus Hreflex modulation after motor incomplete spinal cord injury effects of body position and walking speed
Tumor necrosis factoralpha and its receptors contribute to apoptosis of oligodendrocytes in the spinal cord of spinal hyperostotic mouse twytwy susta...
The GABA B receptor antagonists CGP35348 and CGP52432 inhibit glycine exocytosis study with GABA B1 and GABA B2deficient mice
Characterisation of oxygen uptake response to linearly increasing work rate during roboticsassisted treadmill exercise in incomplete spinal cord injury
Inflammatory changes are tightly associated with neurodegeneration in the brain and spinal cord of the APPPS1KI mouse model of Alzheimers disease
Development and validation of prognostic models designed to predict wheelchair skills at discharge from spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Couple Support Schemata in Couples With and Without Spinal Cord Injury
Clinical presentation histology and treatment in 430 patients with primary tumors of the spinal cord spinal meninges or cauda equina
Human umbilical cord blood stem cells upregulate matrix metalloproteinase2 in rats after spinal cord injury
Longitudinal changes in femur bone mineral density after spinal cord injury effects of slice placement and peel method
Reliability and responsiveness of musculoskeletal ultrasound in subjects with and without spinal cord injury
Electrophysiological characteristics of identified kidneyrelated neurons in adult rat spinal cord slices
Involvement of ERK2 in traumatic spinal cord injury
Melatoninanalog betamethyl6chloromelatonin supplementation in spinal cord injury
Spontaneous rhythmogenic capabilities of sympathetic neuronal assemblies in the rat spinal cord slice
Rapid semiautomatic segmentation of the spinal cord from magnetic resonance images application in multiple sclerosis
Spinal cord herniation a misdiagnosed and treatable cause of thoracic myelopathy
Taskspecificity vs ceiling effect steptraining in shallow water after spinal cord injury
Effects of rolipram on adult rat oligodendrocytes and functional recovery after contusive cervical spinal cord injury
Evaluation of respiratory muscle activation in individuals with chronic spinal cord injury
Lumbar cerebrospinal fluid drainage for thoracoabdominal aortic surgery rationale and practical considerations for management
Propriospinal transmission of the locomotor command signal in the neonatal rat
Risk factors for organ dysfunction and failure in patients with acute traumatic cervical spinal cord injury
Reversal of longstanding neurological deficits after a late release of tethered spinal cord
Spatiotemporal progression of grey and white matter damage following contusion injury in rat spinal cord
LPA receptor expression in the central nervous system in health and following injury
Liver X receptor agonist treatment regulates inflammatory response after spinal cord trauma
Restoration of walking function in an individual with chronic complete AIS A spinal cord injury
Effects of baclofen on motor units paralysed by chronic cervical spinal cord injury
Pain after spinal cord injury a review of classification treatment approaches and treatment assessment
Treatment for ejaculatory dysfunction in men with spinal cord injury an 18year single center experience
Automatic classification of motor unit potentials in surface EMG recorded from thenar muscles paralyzed by spinal cord injury
Clinical outcomes using modest intravascular hypothermia after acute cervical spinal cord injury
Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury in Infant Piglets Description of a New Large Animal Model and Review of the Literature
Pathophysiology of adult tethered cord syndrome review of the literature
A new role for RPTPsigma in spinal cord injury signaling chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan inhibition
Bladder management after spinal cord injury in the United States 1972 to 2005
Spinal cord mechanisms of chronic pain and clinical implications
Embryonic stem cellderived neural stem cells improve spinal muscular atrophy phenotype in mice
Embryonic stem cells promote motor recovery and affect inflammatory cell infiltration in spinal cord injured mice
Contemporary results of standard open repair of acute traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta
Intrathecal eugenol administration alleviates neuropathic pain in male SpragueDawley rats
Spinal cord termination in adult Africans relationship with intercristal line and the transumbilical plane
Critical role of microglial CD40 in the maintenance of mechanical hypersensitivity in a murine model of neuropathic pain
A Falls Concern Scale for people with spinal cord injury SCIFCS
Effects of human OECderived cell transplants in rodent spinal cord contusion injury
Training unsupported sitting in people with chronic spinal cord injuries a randomized controlled trial
Modulation of neuronal activity in dorsal column nuclei by upper cervical spinal cord stimulation in rats
Effect of wheelchair tiltinspace and recline angles on skin perfusion over the ischial tuberosity in people with spinal cord injury
Failed videolaryngoscope intubation in a patient with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis and spinal cord injury
Cognitive appraisals coping and quality of life outcomes a multicentre study of spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Sense of coherence and psychological outcomes in people with spinal cord injury appraisals and behavioural responses
Projections of the hand field of the macaque ventral premotor area F5 to the brainstem and spinal cord
Quantifying axon diameter and intracellular volume fraction in excised mouse spinal cord with qspace imaging
Development and validation of the Italian version of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure III
Hospitalizations of adults with spina bifida and congenital spinal cord anomalies
P2Y2 receptor expression is altered in rats after spinal cord injury
Primary spinal cord glioma a Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results database study
Treadmill running protects spinal cord contusion from secondary degeneration
Quercetin administration after spinal cord trauma changes S100 levels
3 T magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging and fibre tracking in cervical myelopathy
Endovascular thoracic aortic repair and risk of spinal cord ischemia the role of previous or concomitant treatment for aortic aneurysm
Urine leakage in persons with spinal cord injury and using longterm Foley catheters a simple solution
Nondysraphic pediatric intramedullary spinal cord lipomas report of 5 cases
Effect of carbohydrate ingestion on exercise performance and carbohydrate metabolism in persons with spinal cord injury
Glucose tolerance and physical activity level in people with spinal cord injury
Brain anatomy changes associated with persistent neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury
Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in LongTerm Potentiation in the Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn
Peripheral and central sensitization in remote spinal cord regions contribute to central neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury
Neurog2 is a direct downstream target of the Ptf1aRbpj transcription complex in dorsal spinal cord
Progressive motor weakness in transgenic mice expressing human TDP43
Early functional outcomes and histological analysis after spinal cord compression injury in rats Laboratory investigation
Epidemiological trends of spine and spinal cord injuries in the largest Canadian adult trauma center from 1986 to 2006
Intrathecal delivery of a polymeric nanocomposite hydrogel after spinal cord injury
Questions that individuals with spinal cord injury have regarding their chronic pain A qualitative study
Spinal cord tolerance for stereotactic body radiotherapy
Inhibitory synaptic modulation of renshaw cell activity in the lumbar spinal cord of neonatal mice
Anorectal function and the effect of biofeedback therapy in ambulatory spinal cord disease patients having constipation
Quantification of diffusivities of the human cervical spinal cord using a 2D singleshot interleaved multisection inner volume diffusionweighted echo...
Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging and tractography of the lower spinal cord application to diastematomyelia and tethered cord
Human motor evoked potential responses following spinal cord transection an in vivo study
Cost of spinal cord injuries caused by rollover automobile crashes
Comparison of a Pain Management Program With Usual Care in a Pain Management Center for People With Spinal Cord Injuryrelated Chronic Pain
Role of NKCC1 and KCC2 in the development of chronic neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury
Neonatal spinal cord injury after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery
Clinical Algorithm for Improved Prediction of Ambulation and Patient Stratification after Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Conversion in ASIA Impairment Scale during the First Year after Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Multiexponential T2 magnetization transfer and quantitative histology in white matter tracts of rat spinal cord
Underestimation of bone loss of the spine with posterioranterior dualenergy Xray absorptiometry in patients with spinal cord injury
Occurrence of candiduria in a population of chronically catheterized patients with spinal cord injury
Cannabinoid CB1 receptor facilitation of substance P release in the rat spinal cord measured as neurokinin 1 receptor internalization
Mechanical insufflationexsufflation device prescription for outpatients with tetraplegia
Wheelchairrelated falls in veterans with spinal cord injury residing in the community a prospective cohort study
Reflex conditioning a new strategy for improving motor function after spinal cord injury
Impaired immune response to voluntary armcrank ergometer exercise in patients with cervical spinal cord injury
Diffusion tensor imaging detects axonal injury and demyelination in the spinal cord and cranial nerves of a murine model of globoid cell leukodystr...
Vertebral column resection for the treatment of severe spinal deformity
Automatic segmentation of rodent spinal cord diffusion MR images
Fibrinbased tissue engineering scaffolds enhance neural fiber sprouting and delay the accumulation of reactive astrocytes at the lesion in a subacute ...
Targeted ablation of mesenteric projecting sympathetic neurons reduces the hemodynamic response to pain in conscious spinal cordtransected rats
The major histocompatibility complex genes are associated with basal pain sensitivity differences between DarkAgouti and novel congenic DA1U rats
Posterior rotating rod reduction strategy for irreducible atlantoaxial subluxations with congenital odontoid aplasia
BDNFhypersecreting human mesenchymal stem cells promote functional recovery axonal sprouting and protection of corticospinal neurons after spi...
MAG and OMgp synergize with NogoA to restrict axonal growth and neurological recovery after spinal cord trauma
Unilateral focal burn injury is followed by longlasting bilateral allodynia and neuronal hyperexcitability in spinal cord dorsal horn
Biomechanical study of the effect of degree of static compression of the spinal cord in ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
Chronic spinal cord injury in the cervical spine of a young soccer player
Etiology of cervical myelopathy induced by ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament determining the responsible level of OPLL myelopath...
Selective laminoplasty after the preoperative diagnosis of the responsible level using spinal cord evoked potentials in elderly patients with cervical sp...
Flexion Model Simulating Spinal Cord Injury Without Radiographic Abnormality in Patients With Ossification of the Longitudinal Ligament The Inf...
Transplantation of Von HippelLindau peptide delivered neural stem cells promotes recovery in the injured rat spinal cord
Expression of calcitonin generelated peptide in anterior and posterior horns of the spinal cord after brachial plexus injury

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