Advances in Non-Drug Research and Application: 2011 Edition

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Advances in Non-Drug Research and Application: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Non-Drug.

The editors have built Advances in Non-Drug Research and Application: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Non-Drug in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Advances in Non-Drug Research and Application: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility.


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A pilot study of the neuropsychological benefits of computerized cognitive rehabilitation in Ugandan children with HIV
Improved Neurobehavioral Functioning in Emphysema Patients Following Medical Therapy
Physical and Occupational Therapy in Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation The Contribution of Therapy Extenders
Development and pilot testing of HEXORR hand EXOskeleton rehabilitation robot
New life sciences findings from CJ Poulos and coauthors described

Ischemic Preconditioning
Medication Errors
Patient Care
New allergies study findings have been published by D Wilson and colleagues
New clinical trial research study results from FC Hampel et al described
New corticosteroid study findings have been reported by scientists at Sunnybrook Health Science Center
New decubitus ulcer therapy research reported from Royal Hospital
New life sciences study findings have been reported from AR Fetoni et al
New research on allergies from D Wilson and coauthors summarized
A systematic review of oxymorphone in the management of chronic pain
Dosedependent acute effects of recombinant human TSH rhTSH on thyroid size and function comparison of 01 03 and 09 mg of rhTSH
Can pharmacotherapists be too supportive? A process study of active medication and placebo in the treatment of depression
Adding nebivolol to ongoing antihypertensive therapy improves blood pressure and response rates in patients with uncontrolled stage III hypertension
Imiquimod 25 and 375 for the treatment of actinic keratoses results of two placebocontrolled studies of daily application to the face and balding scal...
Evaluating therapeutic effect in symptoms of moderatetosevere premenstrual syndrome with Vitex agnus castus BNO 1095 in Chinese women
A randomized trial of the effects of two novel nicotine replacement therapies on tobacco withdrawal symptoms and user satisfaction
Longterm followup of photodynamic therapy with a selfadhesive 5aminolaevulinic acid patch 12 months data
The costeffectiveness of treatment with desloratadine in patients with persistent allergic rhinitis
Reports from A Ledda and colleagues advance knowledge in erectile dysfunction
Research from I Simma and coauthors provides new data about craniomandibular disorders prevention
Research from PB Berger and coresearchers in the area of vascular disease described
Research from SL Block and coresearchers in the area of therapeutics published
The immunostimulant OM85 BV prevents wheezing attacks in preschool children
The benefits of intravenous thrombolysis relate to the site of baseline arterial occlusion in the Echoplanar Imaging Thrombolytic Evaluation Trial EP...
Saxagliptin and metformin XR combination therapy provides glycemic control over 24 hours in patients with T2DM inadequately controlled with m...
Effect of calcium and magnesium on neurotoxicity and blood platinum concentrations in patients receiving mFOLFOX6 therapy a prospective rando...
Migraine treatment and placebo effect
Effects of therapy in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus with a peptide derived from islet neogenesis associated protein INGAP
A multicenter placebocontrolled doubleblind randomized study of efficacy and safety of ocinaplon DOV 273547 in generalized anxiety disorder
A randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled study of the efficacy and safety of bupropion for treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder in ovulatin...
Treatment of functional constipation with the Yunchang capsule a doubleblind randomized placebocontrolled doseescalation trial
Oral Desipramine and Topical Lidocaine for Vulvodynia A Randomized Controlled Trial
Studies conducted at AJ Weil et al on therapeutics recently published
Studies from A Schafer and coauthors have provided new information about diabetes animal studies
Studies from UF Leuschner et al in the area of clinical trial research described
Study data from M Stedman et al provide new insights into bipolar disorders
Study results from A Ledda et al provide new insights into erectile dysfunction
A randomised trial of glucose tablets to aid smoking cessation
Everolimus in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
Adalimumab in severe and acute sciatica a multicenter randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled trial
Efficacy and tolerability of EPs 7630 in patients aged 618 years old with acute bronchitis
Laser acupuncture for myofascial pain of the masticatory muscles
Laser acupuncture for myofascial pain of the masticatory muscles A controlled pilot study
Effects of lowdose oral enoximone administration on mortality morbidity and exercise capacity in patients with advanced heart failure the randomize...
Covert drug dependence should be the null hypothesis for explaining drugwithdrawalinduced clinical deterioration The necessity for placebo versus ...
Efficacy and safety of alfimeprase in patients with acute peripheral arterial occlusion PAO
Exploratory randomized clinical study of pagoclone in persistent developmental stuttering the EXamining Pagoclone for peRsistent dEvelopmental S...
Denosumab improves density and strength parameters as measured by QCT of the radius in postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density
Estrogen plus progestin and breast cancer incidence and mortality in postmenopausal women
Effect of cluster multidiode light emitting diode therapy LEDT on exerciseinduced skeletal muscle fatigue and skeletal muscle recovery in humans
Safety and efficacy of esreboxetine in patients with fibromyalgia An 8week multicenter randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled study
Inhibiting gastric acid production does not affect intestinal calcium absorption in young healthy individuals a randomized crossover controlled clinic...
Breast density changes associated with postmenopausal hormone therapy post hoc radiologist and computerbased analyses
Psychometric evaluation of a radio electric auricular treatment for stress related disorders a doubleblinded placebocontrolled controlled pilot study
Escitalopram and enhancement of cognitive recovery following stroke
Lack of effect of 8 weeks atorvastatin on microvascular endothelial function in patients with systemic sclerosis
Efficacy of standardised manual therapy and home exercise programme for chronic rotator cuff disease randomised placebo controlled trial
Genistein aglycone does not affect thyroid function results from a threeyear randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled trial
Shortterm hormone treatment modulates emotion response circuitry in postmenopausal women
Platelet cyclic guanosine monophosphate as a biomarker of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor efficacy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction a rand...
Efficacy and safety of baclofen for alcohol dependence a randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled trial
Oneday famciclovir vs placebo in patientinitiated episodic treatment of recurrent genital herpes in immunocompetent Black patients
A comparative study evaluating the tolerability and efficacy of two topical therapies for the treatment of keloids and hypertrophic scars
Moxifloxacin fiveday therapy versus placebo in acute bacterial rhinosinusitis
Exercise improvement and plasma biomarker changes with intravenous treprostinil therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension A placebocontrolled ...
The Efficacy of a NOP1 Agonist SCH486757 in Subacute Cough
Low level laser effects on pain to palpation and electromyographic activity in TMD patients a doubleblind randomized placebocontrolled study
The placebo effect and homeopathy
Perceived treatment feedback and placebo effects in doubleblind RCTs an experimental analysis
Phase 3 randomized placebocontrolled doubleblind study of highdose continuous infusion cytarabine alone or with laromustine VNP40101M in pati...
Ankle manual therapy for individuals with postacute ankle sprains description of a randomized placebocontrolled clinical trial
Monthly ibandronate suppresses serum CTXI within 3 days and maintains a monthly fluctuating pattern of suppression
High versus low dosing of oral colchicine for early acute gout flare Twentyfourhour outcome of the first multicenter randomized doubleblind placeb...
Soy isoflavones in conjunction with radiation therapy in patients with prostate cancer
The effects of adding torasemide to standard therapy on peak oxygen consumption natriuretic peptides and quality of life in patients with compensat...
Dosedependent reduction of hazardous alcohol use in a placebocontrolled trial of naltrexone for smoking cessation
Improvement in skin wrinkles from the use of photostable retinyl retinoate a randomized controlled trial
Joint mobilization versus selfexercises for limited glenohumeral joint mobility randomized controlled study of management of rehabilitation
An integrated motor imagery program to improve functional task performance in neurorehabilitation a singleblind randomized controlled trial
The perception of involved professionals towards research feasibility and usefulness lessons from the MultiSite Trial on Efficacy of Constraint Induce...
Pain exposure physical therapy may be a safe and effective treatment for longstanding complex regional pain syndrome type 1 a case series
Recent findings in chemotherapy described by T Fujishima and colleagues
Altered digit force direction during pinch grip following stroke
Epidural cortical stimulation as adjunctive treatment for nonfluent aphasia preliminary findings
Research from JA Fleming and colleagues has provided new data on posttrials research
Research from L Dickey and coresearchers in the area of stroke epidemiology described
Research from University Estadual of Campinas in facial paralysis provides new insights
Research on depression reported by DS Dorstyn et al
Research results from H Riesenberg and coauthors update knowledge of quality of life
Family participation can improve unilateral spatial neglect in patients with acute right hemispheric stroke
Gender differences influence the outcome of geriatric rehabilitation following hip fracture
Effect of functional electrical stimulation on the effort and walking speed surface electromyography activity and metabolic responses in stroke subjects
Stochastic resonance stimulation for upper limb rehabilitation poststroke
Studies from Hanover Medical School have provided new information about dysphonia prevention
Studies from KD Beck and colleagues reveal new findings on behavioral medicine
Studies from M Daumuller and coresearchers update current data on life sciences
Studies from SD Horn et al in the area of therapeutics described
Studies from V Mainguy et al further understanding of hypertension
Study data from D Deutscher and coauthors update knowledge of therapeutics
Study data from E Crisafulli and colleagues update understanding of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Study data from S Klouche et al provide new insights into orthopedics
Study findings from V Tiffreau et al provide new insights into post polio syndrome
Rehabilitation including treadmill therapy for patients with incomplete lockedin syndrome after stroke a case series study of motor recovery
Predictors of functional improvement among patients with hip fracture at a rehabilitation ward
The role of caregiver involvement in upperlimb treatment in individuals with subacute stroke
Therapeutic engagement a proposed model of engagement in medical rehabilitation
Knowledge and attitudes of allied health professional students regarding the stroke rehabilitation team and the role of the Speech and Language Ther...
Standardizing the intensity of upper limb treatment in rehabilitation medicine
A decisionalgorithm defining the rehabilitation approach Facial oral tract therapy
Personality and the physicianpatient relationship as predictors of quality of life of cardiac patients after rehabilitation
Filling up the hours how do stroke patients on a rehabilitation nursing home spend the day?
Usercentered virtual environment design for virtual rehabilitation
Lean on Wii physical rehabilitation with virtual reality Wii peripherals
Motivational Interviewing to promote selfawareness and engagement in rehabilitation following acquired brain injury A conceptual review
Prehabilitation and early rehabilitation after spinal surgery randomized clinical trial
Neurophysiologic and rehabilitation insights from the splitbelt and other locomotor adaptation paradigms
SMS text messaging as a means of increasing recall of therapy goals in brain injury rehabilitation a singleblind withinsubjects trial
Cancerrelated fatigue and rehabilitation a randomized controlled multicenter trial comparing physical training combined with cognitivebehavioral the...
Weight bearing on the affected lower limb in residents of a geriatric rehabilitation hospital
Penile rehabilitation therapy following radical prostatectomy
Psychophysiological responses to robotic rehabilitation tasks in stroke
Assessing the cognitive regulation of emotion in depressed stroke patients
Exploration of the illness uncertainty concept in acute and chronic pain patients vs community patients
Stimulation of the cholinergic neurotransmissions enhances the efficacy of vestibular rehabilitation
Time Line for Noncopers to Pass ReturntoSports Criteria After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Comprehensive management of hotpress hand injuries longterm outcomes following reconstruction and rehabilitation
Rehabilitation in endoflife management
Analysis of rehabilitation activities within skilled nursing and inpatient rehabilitation facilities after hip replacement for acute hip fracture
Cognitive and affective predictors of rehabilitation participation after stroke
Crosscultural adaptation of the Disability of Arm Shoulder and Hand questionnaire Spanish for Puerto Rico version
Trends in inpatient rehabilitation stroke outcomes before and after advent of the prospective payment system a systematic review
Empowering occupational therapists to become evidencebased work rehabilitation practitioners
Assessment of pelvic floor muscle function in women with and without low back pain using transabdominal ultrasound
Exploration of somatosensory impairments in subjects with mechanical idiopathic neck pain a preliminary study
Ultrasonography of the cervical muscles a critical review of the literature
Apathy after acquired brain impairment a systematic review of nonpharmacological interventions
Increasing delivery of an outdoor journey intervention to people with stroke A feasibility study involving five community rehabilitation teams
The Influence of the TherapistPatient Relationship on Treatment Outcome in Physical Rehabilitation A Systematic Review
Molecular Mechanisms of Vacuum Therapy in Penile Rehabilitation A Novel Animal Study
Accessing timely rehabilitation services for a global aging society? Exploring the realities within Canadas universal health care system
The Utility of a Video Game System in Rehabilitation of Burn and Nonburn Patients A Survey Among Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Pra...
Effect of accelerated rehabilitation on function after ankle sprain randomised controlled trial
The cancer rehabilitation journey barriers to and facilitators of exercise among patients with cancerrelated fatigue
Computeraided neurocognitive remediation in schizophrenia durability of rehabilitation outcomes in a followup study
Hamstring strain injuries recommendations for diagnosis rehabilitation and injury prevention
Acceptance of NCPAP in a sample of patients admitted for geriatric rehabilitation
Evaluating inpatient public rehabilitation in Australia using a utilization review tool developed in North America
Influence of virtual reality soccer game on walking performance in robotic assisted gait training for children
Pulmonary rehabilitation in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Using animal models of enriched environments to inform research on sensory integration intervention for the rehabilitation of neurodevelopmental d...
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