Advancing Metrology for Electrotechnology to Support the U.S. Economy

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DIANE Publishing, 1997 - 74 pages
Presents an overview of work completed in 1997 in the Electronics & Electrical Engineering Laboratory (EEEL) of the National Institute of Standards & Technology. Selected technological accomplishments in the following fields are detailed: semiconductors, magnetics, superconductors, low frequency, microwaves, lightwaves, video, power, electromagnetic compatibility, electronic data exchange, & national electrical standards. Includes a profile of EEEL & its programs, projects, executive structure, awards & recognition, & management staff. Photographs, graphs & diagrams.

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Page 3 - Our research-intensive industries — aerospace, chemicals, communications, computers, Pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, semiconductors, and software — have been growing at about twice the rate of the economy as a whole in the past two decades.
Page 14 - SEMATECH has identified the determination of the two-dimensional dopant profile in processed silicon with a 20nm spatial resolution and one or three sigma accuracy as a critical measurement need for the development of next-generation integrated circuits [3].
Page 3 - Commerce Department analysis shows that firms using advanced technologies are more productive and profitable, pay higher wages, and increase employment more rapidly than firms that do not. Specifically, in the study, employment at plants that used eight or more advanced technologies grew 14.4 % more than plants that used no advanced technologies, and production workers' wages were more than 14 % higher.
Page 46 - Recommended Practice for Instrumentation: Specifications for Magnetic Flux Density and Electric Field Strength Meters -10 Hz to 3 feffewas also developed under Misatˇan's guidance.
Page 60 - Patel has been elected a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with the citation: "For contributions to data encoding/decoding and error correction and their application to magnetic storage devices.
Page 13 - Blackburn's group, also established that the system must be well characterized, including accurate knowledge of circuit board thermal conductivity and accurate simulation of radiation heat transfer, to serve for validation purposes. For the package used in this study, system-level considerations could outweigh package-level considerations for predicting junction temperature.
Page 1 - Metrology is a key enablerfor equipment design and manufacture, for materials production, for generating data for modeling throughout semiconductor manufacturing, and for final test and evaluation. Without satisfactory metrology, the industry will not be able to follow the Roadmap and will cease to be competitive.
Page 4 - Without these essential supporting elements, an economy cannot progress beyond the barter system. For example, when we buy gasoline, we expect the volume of a gallon or liter to be the same at all stations. If...
Page 3 - Between 1987 and 1991, employment at plants that used eight or more advanced technologies grew 14.4 percent more than plants that used no advanced technologies, and production workers' wages were more than 14 percent higher. Technology is transforming the very basis of competition — enabling small businesses to perform high-quality design and manufacturing work that previously required the resources of big business, while allowing big businesses to achieve the speed, flexibility, and...

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