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Freedom's Vector: The Path to Prosperity, Opportunity and Dignity, is a book about America_its government, its institutions, and its people. It is about a nation blessed with the finest system of governance ever devised. It is about a country that has outgrown its institutions and is in need of reconditioning. It is about a people who have been losing their faith and are waiting for a new call to greatness.

Our country can recapture the spirit of '76, if we bring our better virtues and a sense of responsibility to bear upon the task. If our leaders reform their economics. If money and power do not stand in the way of freedom and democracy.

If you love America, I think you will like this book. If you read this book, I think it may surprise and educate you. It may even annoy you. If it does, and you are inspired to craft a better plan for your country, I will have achieved my purpose in putting these pages between two covers.

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