Advertising and Service: Bank Advertising that Really Makes Good, Profitable Direct Advertising, Going After All the Business, the Sort of Service that Holds Business

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A. W. Shaw Company, 1918 - Advertising - 2 pages

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Page 35 - Teb, — these are only a few of the many instances that might be cited to prove how the Sirdar was hampered from beginning to end by natural, rather than by strategical obstacles.
Page 285 - Every child should be made to feel that he is an important member of the group.
Page 142 - ... original units. It will be recalled that this was also the function that gave a linear relationship between mean response and log dose and that was employed as a basis for comparisons of potency in a preceding section. Fortunately, the same metameter usually provides both of these analytical desiderata, but this is not always the case, and it is sometimes necessary to use one metameter for determining relative potency and another for computing the error of the estimate of potency. The following...
Page 63 - Capital" shows to what extent the bank is liable to its stockholders for funds furnished by them to begin and conduct a banking business. Ample "Capital...
Page 63 - ... conduct a banking business. Ample "Capital" coupled with satisfactory service and efficient management produces earnings, a portion of which is paid to the stockholders who furnished the"Capltal," the rest being saved and laid aside as "Surplus
Page 139 - ... booklet illustrating the bank's quarters, emphasizing the strength and safety of the institution, explaining its facilities, and giving a digest of its rules and regulations.
Page 139 - Often requests for booklets do not result in actual business for the bank until the second, third, and even fourth month. When a deposit is received through the mail the card is taken out of the "inquiry" file and the amount of the deposit is entered upon it.
Page 111 - It can assist you in dally economies upon which big results are often built. It cannot furnish the initiative, but it can be a constant reminder and an over ready recipient.
Page 125 - Illustrated form letters were sent to this list every two weeks for a period of about three months. At the end of that time 26 prospects had opened accounts with an average initial deposit of $138.
Page 110 - Almost daily we are asked if it is necessary to fill a home safe before bringing it in to have the contents counted and the amount credited in the pass book.

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