Aegean Summer

Front Cover
Author Solutions Incorporated, 2011 - 60 pages
My life was a nightmare. I felt like a prisoner trapped in my cube at work by an invisible web of obligations driven by an insatiable competitive environment. I was a rat-in-a- amaze-cog-in-a machine animal-robot without freedom. My job defined my life and I was not happy. I was burdened with obligations, hounded to produce and fired if I failed. I was angry, tired, resentful, fearful and burned-out. My troubled psyche was only mollified with fantasies-I was always wondering why there could not be a better life like living a simple life in Tahiti happy and carefree. This book is about my escape from that hell. It is a true story about leaving my possessions, job and life behind and finding happiness in Greece during the summer of 1992. It is written for all American workers who feel the same way I did. We live in a capitalistic culture that overemphasizes money, productivity and success-a toxic formula for worker unhappiness. I believe my journey to happiness-this story-can happen to anyone who wants to be happy.

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