Africa: The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan

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UNM Press, 2006 - History - 170 pages

"Africa is a magnificent and diverse continent full of majesty and mystery. Unfortunately, recent waves of genocide have also spread misery to millions of Africans. In these pages Lucian Niemeyer has bravely and sensitively documented the horror and cruelty of the genocides of Rwanda and Sudan."--from theAfricaForeword by Bill Richardson

In 1994, internationally known author and photographer Lucian Niemeyer began a series of journeys to Africa to document and expose atrocities being committed there. Niemeyer traveled to the Rwandan refugee camps in Zaire a few months after the terrible Hutu-on-Tutsi genocide. Subsequent trips to the Sudan were made to document slavery, the oil field genocide, and the Nuba Mountain epoch.

Four main types of holocausts are presented in these stories: tribe-on-tribe genocide ("Rwandan Refugees"), slavery ("The Sudan Slave Story"), religious Jihad genocide ("Sudan Oil Field Genocide"), and ethnic cleansing ("Nuba Mountains, Sudan"). Over 180 color photographs document these atrocities.


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In a time when the world as a whole is facing uncertainty of every kind, Chris Okoli’s Africans Cry for Help sheds much needed light on the history and happenings of the African continent. With virtually all regions of the continent embroiled in some form of civil and economic strife — be it the events of the recent Arab Spring in the north, issues of apartheid in South Africa, civil war in Sudan, or the government corruption and despotism that plagues many African countries — Africans Cry for Help brings the reader the much needed history, perspective, and insights required to truly understand the issues that have become synonymous with Africa today.
Beyond providing an in-depth historical understanding of the European colonialism of the past and the economic colonialism of the present, Okoli exercises his airtight knowledge of the nuanced problems — as well as their origins and trappings — that define a modern Africa in crisis. The solid aforementioned foundations make his vision and proposals to remedy issues such as the lack of inter-African cooperation, tribalism, economic dependence, the African diaspora of the 1960s and 1970s, and the lack of support for African youths all the more compelling.
If you are in need of primer, or are looking to continue the conversation on African issues today, Chris Okoli’s Africans Cry for Help is a must read. He brings the understanding, insight and perspective that are essential to any book you will read to understand Africa and its future.

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Mother Africa is the native hub of global civilization!

About the author (2006)

Lucian Niemeyer is a professional photographer who operates out of Santa Fe. He has traveled the world, photographing human and environmental conditions. He is author and photographer of numerous books including Chesapeake Country, Okefenokee, and Old Order Amish.

Bill Richardson is the governor of New Mexico and served as the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations in 1997.

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