African Village Boy: Poverty and Bantu Education Systems of Apartheid South Africa

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AuthorHouse, Oct 30, 2006 - Biography & Autobiography - 128 pages
This Book is based on 100 % true story Preface "At times when I recall your life from the past, pleasure comes rushing through my neural systems mainly because having been grown up in remote rural villages of Moletjie area, I know that one might loose hope of reaching the stars." That was my buddy trying to sum up my life with few words. Poverty couldn't be the wall to boundary my potentiality, but I have built the foundation of my victory based on history. Along the thorny road to reaching my dreams, lots of salty tears escaped my ocular boundaries and I have tasted about few milliliters of them. This includes the time when the Bantu Education teachers sjamboked me to the level where I could not sit nor walk. I dropped schooling for sometimes. The life of a poor village boy was nothing but anything parallel or below zero. Indeed my history has determined my destiny. Today I'm a Fulbright Scholar. My stomach has taken many forms during my metamorphosis stage of growth and development. From a ballooned stiff stomach - airbag like, caused by malnutrition and poverty at young age to an elastic fresh healthy one as a result of feeding from balanced diets and high nutritive value of daily intakes. The colonizers - the Afrikaners, European gangsters and the ruthless Botha's of my country (South Africa) has planted crops on the soil of my motherland without giving it proper fertility. He harvested and emigrated with a bag full of wealth. Today the soil of our land, dry as it is, cannot even serve a mere seed of corn to germinate. Is as barren as Hannah, the wife of Elkanah in the Old testament of the Bible, but she later gave birth to a Prophet-Samuel. My motherland shall recuperate, and yesterday will never see the present day. I consider myself as a powerful seed, the seed of power that germinated and survived the apartheid of South Africa, Corporal punishment of Bantu education system, lightning's and thunderstorms of the cold blooded witches of the village while dwelling in a clay hut and shack, all this with almost empty stomach and a condition vulnerable to diseases and poor health service. My smiles hide my feelings and portray my feelings, because I'm a survivor of a village hatred bestowed upon underprivileged family. I'm thankful to the saccharine expressions that my parents taught me to utter to every human being including the extraterrestrials and strangers. Bantu education system of South Africa was not meant to be an education but the Afrikaner's strategy of keeping black man's kids away from streets, away from committing crime and stealing the harvest of his field. I've grown up walking barefooted in the village streets and the wild jungle of the village looking after my grandma's goats, for that was the only wealth the family possessed. Enjoy reading my road; I shall fall and suffer no more. For I was raised by the experienced. I was typing while listening to my memory speaks the past, I smiled, I cried, I laughed and above all, I prayed. Thanks GOD. A Fulbright Fellow I became. Blessed is the man who trusts in God.

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Realistic book I have ever seen on Google books...

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About the author (2006)


Matshwene Edwin Moshia, the survivor of the ugly face of poverty and notorious Bantu education system of Apartheid South Africa was born and raised in the poverty stricken rural villages of Moletjie, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Moletjie area has the highest level of illiteracy in Limpopo Province caused by Apartheid Systems. Matshwene holds Masters of Science degree (Soil Chemistry) and is currently working towards his PhD degree (Precision Agriculture) through Fulbright Scholarship at Colorado State University, USA. He worked as a Soil Scientist in the Government of Limpopo Province in South Africa and later joined Agricultural Research Council – Institute for Soil, Climate and Water where he was appointed as a Researcher in Soil and Water Sciences.


He is an academic, a poet, a comedian, a writer and a Peer Educator in HIV/AIDS issues, Youth Empowerment and rural development matters. He has won three comedy awards in Limpopo Province of South Africa in 2002 through 2004. He has also authored a poetry book yet to be published.

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