After Death: A Personal Narrative

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William Thomas Stead
J. Lane Company, 1907 - Spiritualism - 187 pages
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Dear Sir,
Though I have not read the complete book but as a reference which reads-
'The man finds this world very much what he has made it. We all make what we live in. And as every one makes
different future life for himself they will all give you different version of life they lead - page 7
if it is hte same as this book contains I would like to get it . How can I get it, please let me know.

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Page 160 - Lay not up for yourselves treasures where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves do break through and steal," is a maxim which you have heard often enough; but do you attend to it? I have only to repeat it with new accents and to tell you that the testimony of all of us is the same. It is the things unseen which are eternal and the things invisible which are alone of value.
Page 24 - Is it then all mere talk that Christ brought life and immortality to light? Why is it that with the certainty of the continued existence of your loved ones you feel as disconsolate and forlorn as if there were no other world, and as if Christ had never triumphed over death and the grave? Why do you grieve as those who have no hope? Do you not know that you are as a city, set on a hill which cannot be hid...
Page 73 - You can hardly, by any stretch of imagination, realize what a change it is to live in a place where the only test is character, where property, station, and work do not count— no, nor religious profession. The idea that you so often have in the world, that the words which you say with your lips have magic influence on your hearts, must be seen in all its hollow absurdity to be understood.
Page 43 - Have you ever wished to be back again in this life? She wrote: No, I have never for one passing moment wished to be back in my body again. The body is such a miserable substitute for the spirit in which we live and move and act as we think. No, if I might come back and live on earth as I used to do, I would not; it would be all loss and no gain. There is nothing the body could give me that I do not now enjoy. Only in an etherealized but more real way, and much that I enjoy I should lose- by being...
Page 21 - Ellen, Ellen ! if I could come back and speak in the ears of the children of men, I think I should wish to say nothing but this — Love ! Love is the fulfilling of the law, love is the seeing of the face of God. Love is God, God is love. If you wish to be with God...
Page 40 - The spirit body disengaged from the physical body is conscious — at least I was, almost from the first. I awoke standing by my dead body, thinking I was still alive and in my ordinary physical frame. It was only when I saw the corpse in the bed that I knew that something had happened! When the thought of nakedness crosses the spirit there comes the clothing which you need. The idea with us is creative. We think, and the thing is.
Page 58 - Colley's mother (No. 22). jjulia gives us her own experiences, after passing over to the other side. ' When I found my friends, there were about five of six of those relatives and near friends who had been on this side for some time. My dear little sister was the lovingest and dearest of all. I saw before me the semblance of her childhood, just as she was in the long years ago. When I had parted with her, it seemed for ever. But she was only assuming the child-form to gain recognition. After a time,...
Page 82 - Why is the Bureau I wrote about years ago not- established? All because of one thing, and one thing only. You have no time. That is to say, that all the time you have, you spend on the things of this whirling transitory life. It will not do.
Page 142 - What seems to me quite clear is that the »ouie° indifference to the Soul is caused by not understanding that the Soul is the Real Self, the only part of you which lasts, the Divine in you, which you are sacrificing to the things of the day. What you do not understand is that it is through the Soul alone that you can commune with the Spiritual World that is all around you. And the Spiritual World includes all the world excepting the perishing things of time. When we say Spiritual World we include...
Page 21 - Now, my darling, hold fast to this central doctrine : Love is God, God is Love. The more you love, the more you are like God. It is only when we deeply, truly love, we find our true selves, or that we see the Divine in the person loved.

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