After the Doctors ... What Can You Do?

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, Oct 19, 2001 - Health & Fitness
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"When you have this knowledge, health becomes a choice!"

How Do We Get SICK and ...Why do We Age?

We get sick because we lack the knowledge about what causes disease.  Our bodies age too quickly because they are deprived of the live food ingredients necessary to build and maintain health.  All diseases can be traced back to conditions of bowel toxemia.  This book clearly explains what causes disease and what the body requires and deserves to have in order to be healthy and grow younger.  It leads you to an understanding of the body, food, and disease from an electrical energy perspective that is fundamental to health.  This book shows you why drugs are not the answer.  The human body has awesome intelligence and knows how to heal itself.  All it needs is your cooperation.  All you need is knowledge.  Knowledge gives you power.  That''s what this book is all about - giving you the power to change your life.

Do you want better health?  Do you want to feel and look younger?  If so, you need this book!

This book is very different, because it explains the CAUSE of disease.  And it gives you answers and solutions to your physical problems.  It shows you how to improve your health regardless of whether the present state of your health is good or bad.

This book will give you the knowledge to teach and help others about health and disease.

After you''ve been to all the doctors in search of help for your physical ailments, but you are still no better, or even worse, where do you turn?  After the doctors say ... "I''m sorry, there''s nothing more we can do."  Or worse yet ... "You only have two to six months to live.  We''ve done all we can."  You don''t want to give up, but what can you do?

After The Doctors ... What Can You Do?

The answer to that question is - There is lots you can do.  Don''t give up.  There is hope contained in the pages of this book because it is written to give you a simplified, yet clear understanding of health and disease and what you can do to improve our health.

Good health, with its feeling of vitality, is wonderful to have.  We can have all the money and possessions we could ever want, but without health they lose their importance.  Having energy and being free of disease is something we all should be enjoying to a very old age and until we die.

Health is not a mystery to our body.  It is only a mystery to us because we don''t understand how the body was designed to work.  The body is a marvelous creation endowed with innate intelligence.  It never forgets or stops trying to be healthy.  It doesn''t make mistakes.  It surrenders its health slowly and reluctantly, and given half a chance, it self-corrects.

Health is a gift.  Disease is a failure to take care of the gift.  We create disease conditions within us by depriving our bodies of what they require to be healthy.  The foods we eat and the lifestyle we choose to live determine our levels of health.  However, once we have lost our vitality and health, we have to work to earn them back.  There is no quick fix.  Drugs won''t do the trick.

The first step to being healthy is deciding that you want to be healthy.  The second step is educating yourself about what contributes to health and what generates disease.  Learn why the percentage of cooked food in our diet is the main determining factor in health and disease.  Next, you must stop doing the wrong things to your body and start doing the right things.  Find out what these are.  You need to listen to your body to be able to interpret the signals it sends you and help it carry out its job of removing disease and manufacturing health.

Once you understand how the body works and make your decision to be determined, regaining health can be as simple as 1-2-3 to understand.  But regaining lost health takes time and effort.  This book will show you how.  


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