Agricultural Appropriations for 1966, Hearings Before ... 89-1, on H.R. 8370

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第 458 頁 - Government either as to principal or interest but are secured principally by notes and mortgages deposited as collateral with the Farm Credit Administration. These securities are considered by the market to be prime investments.
第 314 頁 - Where the rates offered by existing power sources would result in a higher cost of power for the consumers than the cost from facilities financed by REA, or "C. 'Where generation and transmission facilities are necessary to protect the security and effectiveness of REA-flnanced systems.
第 18 頁 - AMCBW is a labor union with 375,000 members organized in about 500 local unions throughout the United States and Canada. The AMCBW and its locals have contracts with thousands of employers in the meat, retail, poultry, egg, canning, leather, fish processing and fur industries.
第 356 頁 - Agriculture determines to be needed to carry out the purpose of this paragraph in those countries which are or offer reasonable potential of becoming dollar markets for United States agricultural commodities.
第 141 頁 - Teachers, now comprising approximately 12 member memberships in 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the European Congress of American Parents and Teachers, has consistently supported legislation considered helpful in the protection of the health and welfare of children and youth.
第 319 頁 - That no loan for the construction, operation, or enlargement of any generating plant shall be made unless the consent of the State authority having jurisdiction in the premises is first obtained. Loans under this section and section...
第 318 頁 - Territories, and subdivisions and agencies thereof, municipalities, peoples utility districts and cooperative, nonprofit, or limited-dividend associations organized under the laws of any State or Territory of the United States, for the purpose of financing the construction and operation of generating plants, electric transmission and distribution lines or systems for the furnishing of electric energy to persons in rural areas who are not receiving central station service...
第 456 頁 - Administration supervision and examination have promoted the development of the Farm Credit System. The System has developed sound administrative management and the facilities and services made available by the Administration have enabled it to serve farmers well. The steady increase in the number of farmers participating in cooperative credit indicates their confidence in the farm credit system, and demonstrates that with effective leadership such a credit system is desirable and feasible.
第 311 頁 - That is the point he is answering here. •"REA can make loans for generating plants, but we must be shown conclusively : "'(1) That energy is not available from any existing source. "'(2) That the proposed generating plant can produce energy at a lower cost than it could be obtained from any other source. "'(3) That the output of such plant will be used mainly for supplying energy for use in rural areas.
第 330 頁 - Summary of the efforts made by the applicant and by REA to obtain the applicant's power and energy requirements from existing power suppliers and the reasons why such efforts have not been successful.