Agriculture, rural development, and related agencies appropriations for 1982: hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, first session, Part 5

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Page 456 - States shall be determined by the Secretary after consultation with a national advisory board of not less than seven officials of the forestry schools of the State-certified eligible colleges and universities chosen by a majority of such schools.
Page 1170 - No officer or employee of the United States shall make or authorize an expenditure from or create or authorize an obligation under any appropriation or fund in excess of the amount available therein; nor shall any such officer or employee involve the Government in any contract or other obligation, for the payment of money for any purpose, in advance of appropriations made for such purpose, unless such contract or obligation is authorized by law.
Page 216 - That this appropriation shall be available for the operation and maintenance of aircraft and the purchase of not to exceed four, of which two shall be for replacement only: Provided further.
Page 560 - That there is hereby established at the seat of Government of the United States a Department of Agriculture, the general design and duties of which shall be to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.
Page 787 - Provided further, That this appropriation shall be available for field employment pursuant to the second sentence of section 706(a) of the Organic Act of 1944 (7 USC 2225), and not to exceed...
Page 642 - Corporation, and in accord with law, and to make such contracts and commitments without regard to fiscal year limitations as provided by section 104 of the Government Corporation Control Act, as amended, as may be necessary in carrying out the programs set forth in the budget for the current fiscal year for such Corporation, except as hereinafter provided.
Page 818 - The Federal government provides all construction funds for structural measures for flood prevention and an equitable share of the cost of Installing works of Improvement for agricultural water management, fish and wildlife, or recreational development. The latter Includes the cost of basic facilities for public health and safety, access to recreational areas, and use of the recreational development. Local organizations oust pay all costs of works of Improvement for other purposes.
Page 1069 - Industrial development loans may be made in any area that is not within the outer boundary of any city having a population of 50,000 or more and its immediately adjacent urbanized and urbanizing areas with a population density of more than 100 persons per square mile.
Page 667 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated...
Page 216 - Act shall not apply to a total of $250,000 for facilities at Beltsville, Maryland: Provided further, That the foregoing limitations shall not apply to replacement of buildings needed to carry out the Act of April 24, 1948 (21 USC 113a): Provided further, That the...

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