Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants

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Daya Publishing House, Sep 1, 2004 - Materia medica, Vegetable - 278 pages
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Medicines are the second most essential requisite after food for mankind. For medicines, medicinal plants are the important sources of raw drugs. Therefore, the demand on plant based therapeutics has increased many fold in both developing and developed countries due to the growing recognition that they are natural products, being non-narcotic, having no side effects, easily available at affordable prices. Due to hug demand of plant-based crude drugs throughout the world, today urgent need to domesticate or cultivate the medicinal plants in large scale to fulfill the unexpected demand. But due to lack of systematic information on cultivation of medicinal crops at one place, growers are not ready to adopt such practices in their agrosystem. Changing herbal market scenario rapidly and expanding local and global market and immense export potential to Europe, America and other Western Countries has opened up a new prospective field for Indian agriculture. To fully make use of this emerging demands world wide appropriate knowledge regarding their value addition, processing, market potential (export/import) of crude drugs, adulterants and substitutions and crude drugs and standardization and quality control is of utmost important. This unique book ventures to probe into this very important area covering almost the entire gamut of the burning issues relating to medicinal plants. The export of crude (herbal) drugs is gaining strength due to its inherent advantage coupled with the proliberalization. This invaluable book consisting of 11 chapters contributed every aspects related to the cultivation of medicinal plants viz. Nursery technology, Biofertilizers and biological pest control, Organic farming, Agro technique (40 commercial important medicinal plants), Harvesting technology and value addiction, Adulterants and substitutions, Market potential (export/import), Standardization and quality control, Legistration and policy, Sustainable conservation and development strategies. This book is a ready manual and information database for policy makers, administrators, academia, exporters, extension workers, manufacturers, growers and general readers interested in medicinal plants. Contents Important Tips for Cultivation of Medicinal Plants; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Nursery Technology; Nursery management tips; Chapter 3: Biofertilizer; Manures, Biofetilizers, Biopesticides, Integrated Pest Management (IPM); Chapter 4: Organic Farming: An Approach for Sustainable Herbi-culture; Concept of organic farming, Needs of organic farming, Economic and market status, Organic market, Constraints and opportunities, Suggestion, Indian needs; Chapter 5: Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants; Chapter 6: Harvesting Technology and Value Addition of Medicinal Plants; Collection, Harvesting, Drying, Garbling (Dressing), Packing, Storage, Value-addition or Processing, Preservation, Active Constituents; Chapter 7: Adulteration and Substitution of Crude (Herbal) Drugs; Chapter 8: Market Potential (Export/Import) of Crude Drugs; Chapter 9: Standardization and Quality Control of Medicinal Plants; Botanical identity and pharmacognostical examination of raw materials, Protection of therapeutic potentials of the raw materials; Chapter 10: Legislation and Policy of Medicinal Plants; National Medicinal Plants Boards, Goals of national policy, Future action plan; Chapter 11: Sustainable Conservation and Developmental Strategies for Medicinal Plants; Conservation of biological/genetic diversity, Cultivation or domestication, Involvement of primary stakeholders, Model for cultivation of medicinal plants, Sustainable harvesting, Community based enterprises, Research, Training, Documentation and dissemination of information (computerised databse), Procdures/steps to boost trade in medicinal plants; List of Endangered Medicinal Plants; Glossary of Technical Medical Terms.

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