An Introduction to Air Law

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In addition to the book s well-known detailed analysis of the Warsaw System and the Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation still the two main pillars of present-day aviation legislation this thoroughly revised and updated edition incorporates material on such crucial new and emerging issues as the following:
- the enormous change in basic assumptions and perceptions regarding aviation security that have come about as a result of the increase in international terrorism
- the effect of the coming into force of the Montreal Convention 1999 on liability of air carriers and the Cape Town Convention 2001 on security interests in mobile equipment
- the advent of the European Aviation Safety Agency
- the growth of the European "single sky initiative"
- new rules in such areas as insurance, the right to fly, and liability for maintenance of aircraft

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An early review of the history of air navigation law.
The first law regulating aircraft - was a French police order regulating the launching of the Montgolfier' balloon! The book then looks at
the 1910 effort to establish a legal framework for regulation of air navigation, and then focuses on the Chicago Convention on Aviation in 1944. It is from the Chicago Convention that nearly all rules worldwide today spring.
This books is a good, but not great, reference work on the history of air navigation and aircraft law and regulation. It is light in the pre-1944 convention history- some background in the early 1900's through 1910's attempt at trespass law relating to airships would have been important to include, but this book fails to include several important U.S. cases of that time frame. It also could have included U.S. law of the Air Commerce Act of 1926, but does not. For those two reasons, I only give it three stars.
But for 1944 onwards- it is a good reference work. Anyone wanting to read some real history of how we got to where we are today can gain by spending some time in here.
Good luck, and soft landings---
Jim P. AKA Jim E85

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