Air Thermae

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AuthorHouse, Sep 2, 2005 - Biography & Autobiography - 316 pages
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John Harwich, a Special Forces vet with multiple tours in Indochina, is now happily living life as an expatriate in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While taking a brief holiday trip to Mae Hong Son, he finds himself being captured and abducted by Shan hilltribe guerillas across the border into the Burmese side of the Golden Triangle. He is brought to meet up with one of the region’s notorious opium warlords, Khun Yim.  Khun Yim’s obsession is his lust for jade which is why he’s had Harwich brought into Burma.  After tracking Harwich down since his journey into Laos, Khun Yim takes advantage of Harwich being in Mae Hong Son to take the expat hostage.   At one of his “temporary” camps in Burma, the warlord explains to Harwich that the reason he wants Harwich is because his people have found evidence of a priceless jade elephant with a mounted Khmer apsara--a warrior goddess--atop the elephant’s back.  The statue has been found in an old Buddhist temple deep in the wilds of Cambodia and Khun Yim wants to become its owner immediately.  Harwich must take his friend Rickshaw, a former Air America pilot now living in Chiang Mai, to Phnom Penh to fly a C-123 Khun Yim is seeking to buy out to the temple where the statue can be loaded and flown to Mae Hong Son Province in Thailand. Harwich, his life and that his expat friends being threatened,  reluctantly agrees to take on this assignment, going back to Chiang Mai before hitting Bangkok to link up with all his buddies who can help him in Cambodia.  From Mae Hong Son to Bangkok, Phnom Penh and finally the long-forgotten temple, it is one hair-raising adventure after the other as Harwich and his friends deal with an opium army, Russian gangsters, a sleazy English expat, a Khmer crime boss, firefights, tornadoes and Aom, Khun Yim’s minor wife, who may be the most dangerous element of them all.

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About the author (2005)

Sean Bunzick, 40, is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts just like John Harwich.  He has been traveling to Southeast Asia for nearly 18 years now and considers it as much his home as he does the US. The Kingdom of Thailand is his favorite place with Chiang Mai being his base while he''''s in the country.  Besides seeing many of the beautiful, unique sights of Thailand, he has made numerous visa runs to Tachilek, Burma along with visiting Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Vientiane in Laos and Zamboanga in the Philippines.  He loves to explore the Orient, never passing up a chance to do so if he can.  He has been writing since he was a boy and is quite happy to have published Missing In Asia, the first John Harwich novel, in 2003. Few days are complete without him doing some kind of writing.  Like John Harwich, he has had his own share of adventures and surprises in the Far East which have been great inspirations for some of his tales.  He has been at the Thai/Burmese border when it''''s been closed down by Burmese authorities, he''''s dealt with Muslims in the Philippines and in 1999, he nearly died after his motorcycle was struck by a car in Chiang Mai which left him with a split-open skull. It took him three weeks to come out of a coma.   Recently, he was terrified to wake up to his hotel room in Chiang Mai rumbling with a tremor which was a result of the massive earthquake/tsunamis which brought such epic death and pitiful destruction to a great deal of Southeast Asia, very much including Thailand, on Dec. 26, 2004.  Despite all these events of both physical and emotional natures, Sean Bunzick''''s love for Asia not only hasn''''t died but because of all he''''s been through and survived, that love continues to grow.   For those interested, he can be reached at  

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