Aix-les-Bains in Savoy: The Medical Treatment and General Indications

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Renshaw, 1891 - Aix-les-Bains (France) - 125 pages
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Page 22 - It attacks the girl just arriving at puberty, in whom the uterine functions are ill-performed ; it invades the stiffening articulations of the woman who has arrived at that time of life which is marked by the cessation of the monthly periods ; it shows itself during the state of debility which follows a miscarriage, or a difficult and protracted labour, more especially when the labour has been accompanied by flooding...
Page 10 - When the bath is over, the patient is rapidly dried, •wrapped in flannel sheets and blankets, and is carried back to his hotel in the curious sedan-chair. Having reached his apartment, he is lifted into bed, still swathed like a mummy, is covered up with additional blankets and a quilt, and left to perspire for a longer or shorter period. After twenty minutes or half an hour, he is carefully rubbed down by an attendant, who had accompanied him to the bath.
Page 21 - It appears to result from a peculiar form of mal-nutrition of the tissues of the joints, being an inflammation accompanied with defective powers ; but there is no evidence, upon which any reliance can be placed, to show that it depends either upon the presence of any morbid principle, or upon a weakened condition of the vessels or structures of the affected parts.
Page 21 - Again, at page 344, he says," I trust it is made sufficiently clear, by the above statement, that the disease should not be regarded as of a hybrid character, or in other words, made up in part of rheumatism, in part of gout.
Page 119 - ... the favoured localities in the immediate vicinity, there are others more distant full of beauty and interest — the Grande Chartreuse, Geneva, Grenoble, Chamounix, are all within a few hours' journey by rail ; but nearer than these, and incomparable in its loveliness, is the little town of Annecy. After a long experience of travel, seldom have I seen any place combine so much to charm and interest as Annecy. The lake not only flows up to the town, but through canals which are crossed by narrow...
Page 74 - By paralysis (HapoAutu, to relax — to affect with paralysis), or palsy, is meant a total or partial loss of sensibility or motion, or of both, in one or more parts of the body.
Page 10 - Grainger Stewart, who was himself submitted to the process, " with what skill, what patience, tenderness, and firmness the shampooing and passive movements are performed. When every joint has been moved to the utmost extent possible, the patient is made to stand, while from a distance a powerful stream of water is propelled upon the different limbs, especially about the articulations chiefly affected. When the bath is over, the patient is rapidly dried, wrapped in flannel sheets and blankets and...
Page 18 - Gonorrhceal rheumatism occurs in connection with gonorrhoea. It is not accompanied by the same amount of febrile disturbance as acute or even subacute rheumatism. It affects fewer joints; has a special preference for the knee; and does not show the same tendency to shift about. Acid perspirations do not occur; and it does not tend to affect the heart. Salicin and salicylic acid speedily cure true acute rheumatism. They have no influence on the gonorrhoeal form of the disease.
Page 120 - Fran9ois de Sales lived. No name was so honoured and loved as this Apostle of the Alps. He died in 1622, and was buried in the beautiful cathedral. In such estimation was his memory held by the people that when the city was taken by the French in 1630 one of the six articles of capitulation was that the body of Francois de Sales should never be moved from the city. Even those who take little interest in spots associated with genius such as Eousseau's, or in noble lives such as Saint Franpois de Sales...

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