Alamo Pottery: The Complete Collector's Guide: The History of Alamo Pottery and Its Offspring, Gilmer Pottery

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The intriguing history behind the simple, tasteful designs and eye-catching color of Alamo pottery - a classic mid-century modern American pottery - is told definitively for the first time. The author skillfully takes us back in time to tell us of the dream and the men behind that dream that created Alamo Pottery, of their failures that led to great success and of great success that spawned greed and disintegration. This book contains a description of the process by which Alamo pottery was made along with descriptions and photographs of the art ware. Included also, is a guide on how to distinguish Alamo pottery from similar forms of art ware, such as Gilmer pottery, and how to identify the rare and unmarked pieces of Alamo pottery. Copies of Alamo Pottery and Gilmer Pottery catalogs are presented. Collectors and dealers, in particular, will benefit from the Price Guide which features a color photograph of each piece of pottery identified by its model number and dimensions.. The author's years of research, which included conversations and communications with principals of the company, bring to the public this clear, easy-to-read, complete guide. Collectors, dealers, and readers interested in mid-century modern American pottery as well as Texas history will find this book an invaluable resource and a delightful read.

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