Alcuin of York

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ALCUIN OF YORK By Right Rev G F Browne 1908 PREFACE No attempt has been made to correct the various forms of many of the proper names so as to make the spelling uniform. It is true to the period to leave the curious variations as Alcuin and others wrote them. In the case of Pope Hadrian, the name has been written Hadrian and Adrian indiscriminately in the text. While Alcuin's style is lucid, his habit of dictating letters hurriedly, and sending them off without revision if he had a headache, has left its mark: on the letters as we have them. It has seemed better to leave the difficulties in the English as he left them in the Latin, CONTENTS: CHAPTER I The authorship of the anonymous Life of Alcuin. Alcuin's Life of his relative Willibrord. Willibrord at Ripon. Alchfrith and Wilfrith. Alcuin's conversion. His studies under Ecgbert and Albert at the Cathedral School of York. Ecgbort's method of teaching. Alcuin becomes assistant master of the School. Is ordained deacon. Becomes head master. Joins Karl CHAPTER II Alcuin. finally leaves England. The Adoptionist heresy. Alcuin's retirement to Tours. His knowledge of secrets. Karl and the three kings his sons. Fire at St. Martin's, Tours. References to the life of St. Martin. Alcuin's writings. His interview with the devil. His last days. CHAPTER III The large bulk of Alcuin's letters and other writings. Jihe main dates of his life. Bede's advice to Ecgbert. Careless lives of bishops. No parochial system. Inadequacy of the bishops' oversight. Great monasteries to be used as sees for new bishoprics, and evil monasteries to be suppressed. Election of abbats and hereditary descent. Evils of pilgrimages. Daily Eucharists CHAPTER IV The school of York . Alcuin's poem on the Bishops and Saints of the Church of York. The destruction of the Britons by the Sasons. Description of Wilfrith H, Ecgbert, Albeafc, of York. Balfcher and Eata. Church building in York. The Library of York CHAPTER V The affairs of Mercia. Tripartite division of England. The creation of a third archbishopric, at Lichfield. Offa and Karl. Alcuin's letter to Athelhard of Canterbury to Beornwin of Mercia, . Karl's letter to Offa, a commercial treaty. Alcuin's letter to Offa. Offa's death CHAPTER VI CHAPTER VII CHAPTER VIII CHAPTER IX CHAPTER X CHAPTER XI CHAPTER XII CHAPTER XIII CHAPTER XIV CHAPTER XV PAOE CHAPTER XVI CHAPTER XVII CHAPTER XVIII APPENDICES A. A letter of Alcuin to Fulda B. The report of the papal legates, George and Theophylact, on their mission to England C. The original Latin of Alcuin's suggestion that a treatise by Felix should be sent to the Pope and three others D. The Donation of Constantine E. Hamn Al Raschid and Charlemagne INDEX

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