Alexander Pope: The Evolution of a Poet

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Routledge, 1. 11. 2017 - Počet stran: 330
This title was first published in 2002: Making use of the growing body of research in recent years on the nature of creativity, Netta Goldsmith here presents a new view of the famous poet whose personality has long frustrated scholars as elusive. Goldsmith tells the story of Pope's life so as to show the factors-personal and public, psychological and social-which shaped his character and enabled him to secure widespread recognition as a major poet. Discussions of significant works are integrated into the narrative covering main events and key relationships, as well as illustrating points made throughout about Pope's approach to his art. Among other things this book shows how vulnerable Pope felt as a Papist in a time of endemic Jacobite activity, and how his fear of possible prosecution for sedition determined much of his conduct and the way he shaped his career. Alexander Pope: The evolution of a poet not only provides a fresh perspective on Pope, but also on the very nature of literary creativity.

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List of Figures
Images of Pope
On Being a Papist
TheItch of Poetry
The Apprentice
Launching a Career
A Poets Manifesto
Making Use of evry Friend and evry Foe
The Return
Into the Arena
The Master of the Song?
A New Battlefield
The Credentials of a Moralist
Pope and the Women
What the Letters Tell
A Game of Hide and Seek

On Being Original
Support Groups
Homers Pension
A Poet and
The Art of Love
Failure all Round
Pope Recreates Himself
Exit a Political Activist
Looking to Posterity
A Closet Editor
Popes Bulldog
Putting Things in Order
The Death of a Public Figure
Pope Past and Present
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