Alice Freeman Palmer

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1908 - Women educators - 354 pages

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Page 83 - Let me go where'er I will I hear a sky-born music still : It sounds from all things old, It sounds from all things young, From all that's fair, from all that's foul, Peals out a cheerful song. It is not only in the rose, It is not only in the bird, Not only where the rainbow glows, Nor in the song of woman heard, But in the darkest, meanest things There alway, alway something sings.
Page 351 - A soul sheath'd in a crystal shrine, Through which all her bright features shine; As when a piece of wanton lawn, A thin aerial...
Page 327 - Though no regrets are proper for the manner of her death, who can contemplate the fact of it and not call the world irrational, if out of deference to a few particles of disordered matter it excludes so fair a spirit?
Page 301 - Now I hold you fast in my hand, You marvelous butterfly, Till you help me to understand The eternal mystery. From that creeping thing in the dust To this shining bliss in the blue! God give me courage to trust I can break my chrysalis too!
Page 97 - You see that little dark-eyed girl? She will be the next president of Wellesley.' Though frequently they did not agree, her independence did not alienate him, but appeared to make him trust her the more. He loved the strong. Often he sought her out, talked with her on historical and literary matters, explored her ideas of teaching, and bore from her opposition which others feared to give. The prophecy of her future which I have just quoted was made shortly after the following clash. "Mr. Durant had...
Page 307 - Tell us how to be happy." The tears rushed to my eyes, and a lump came in my throat. Happy in such surroundings as those in which, no doubt, she lived : perhaps dirty and foul-smelling! Happy, with burdens too heavy to be borne! All this flashed through my mind while the rest took up the word and echoed, "Yes, tell us how to be happy.
Page 304 - Sing on, brave robins, sing on in the rain! You know behind the clouds the sun must shine, ' You know that death means only life divine And all our losses turn to heavenly gain. I lie and listen to you in the rain. Better than Easter bells that do not cease, Your message from the heart of God's great peace, And to his arms I turn and sleep again.
Page 299 - Though the thunders roam at large, Though the lightning round me plays, Like a child I lay my head In sweet sleep upon my bed. Though the terror come so close, It shall have no power to smite; It shall deepen my repose, Turn the darkness into light. Touch of angels' hands is sweet; Not a stone shall hurt my feet.
Page 149 - ... see infinity in the palm of the hand and eternity in an hour, we shall not see them at all.

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