Alice Ray and the Salem Witch Trials

Millbrook Press, 01.01.2011 - 48 Seiten
In 1692, four girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, fell sick. They experienced fits and visions, and the only explanation a doctor could give was that they were bewitched. Hysteria, accusations, and unfair trials and hangings ensued. This story follows Alice Ray, a fictional character, and her internal struggle as her friend Ann Putnam accuses Sarah Good (both real people) of witchcraft.

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Alice Ray And The Salem Witch Trials
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Shannon Knudsen has written books for young readers about elephants, mayors, the explorer Leif Eriksen, the reporter Nellie Bly, and many other topics. She lives with her cat and her dog in Arizona.

Ruth Palmer studied Art and Illustration at Harrow College of Art, Middlesex, England. She first worked as a story illustrator for magazines and also gained experience in advertising and design. She has been illustrating for twenty years, and she has illustrated both educational and fictional titles in the UK and the USA. Ruth lives with her husband and teenage daughter in the beautiful Devon countryside in England.

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