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iUniverse, 2005 - 468 pages
Life on Earth is simple. People, plants and animals live in glass-covered biospheres that protect lives from human arrogance, a globally depleted ozone layer, which produces poisonous acid rain and polluted vegetation and air. Mother Nature is not simple. She has created floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, blizzards and radiated food to rid Earth of its final reckless and destructive pest, humans. Based on the current events, Mother Nature is winning the race. A new planet has been discovered in a new universe hidden by a wormhole. A scout team of specially trained Tele astronauts have been selected to journey by space shuttle and verify survival on this strange new world for mankind. This mission is both an honor and a privilege for the nine Earthlings, who are to be the first humans to travel intergalactically to another galaxy. Tele astronaut Starra Starbuck does not believe it to be a noble cause, but a waste of time for her, her talents and her dreams. During the short space trip to the unknown universe, Starra discovers that there is more to life than herself, her biosphere and her planet of Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. Potentially intriguing stylistic choices instead form a knot of incomprehensible prose in this convoluted sci-fi tale. Starra Starbuck is a farmer on a polluted future Earth where human life is rapidly being driven to extinction by natural disasters. As one of the planet's six potential psychics, Starra is drafted into an expedition to find a new home for humankind in a distant galaxy. The journey ends in disaster when the ship bursts open en route and only Starra survives. She successfully lands the craft on an alien planet, where she is pleased to find all the computers are programmed in English. Quickly resigning herself to the inevitable death of all her friends on Earth, Starra blithely steals a ship and jets off to an interplanetary poker competition. -Kirkus Discoveries

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