Alive at 75! and Cancer Free Due to Alternative Therapies: And Feeding the Body Properly to Heal Itself and Rebuild the Immune System

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What would you do if you were told you had cancer ravaging throughout your body and may only have three months to live? This is the inspirational and informative story of how Mercedes A. LaPine acquired that news over thirty years ago, rejecting chemotherapy and radiation and found a program that would ultimately turn her fate around. It wasn't a miracle or a new promising product but a very simple concept that became profoundly revolutionary and flatly rejected by the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society, over 60 years ago. Although there have been advances in chemotherapy and surgery in recent years, First Circle Medical, Inc. reported five years ago, that over 1,800,000 patients die every year in Europe, North America and Japan with lung, prostate, breast cancer and melanoma. Mercedes A. LaPine did not become a statistic, she experienced first hand how to regenerate her ailing body and restored it back to health by flooding it with nutrients from organic raw juices plus raw and cooked organic vegetarian foods. Mercedes used the body's own healing mechanisms for eliminating the cancer that had invaded her body. This advanced dietary program has cured many chronic and degenerative diseases to include cancer. Now you can read this account of Mercedes journey and absorb the accumulated wisdom of a remarkable woman's challenge to sustain life. This information will not only help you to restore your body to wellness, but maintain good health permanently and provide you with an enormous amount of alternative resources.


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Chapter One My Beginnings
Chapter Two Leaving Mackinac
Chapter Four The Fall
Chapter Six The Impossible is Possible
Chapter Eight Goodbye Carl
Chapter Eleven Green Acres
Chapter Thirteen Mr Mrs Howard Green
Chapter Fourteen Hope
Chapter Sixteen Healing Begins
Chapter Eighteen Going Home
Chapter Twenty Advice for You
Chapter TwentyOne A Dozen Herbs
Chapter TwentyTwo New Promises
Chapter TwentyThree Continuing Education

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