All About Pagration (Pan+kratos): Ancient Greek Martial Art

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Gregory Zorzos, Mar 2, 2009 - Sports & Recreation - 800 pages
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The ancient Hellenic martial art of Pammachon is the fighter that flights to win in two Olympic games (pigmi, wresting, pagration). The one part of Pammachon is known in many names today such as: Pangkration, Pancraio, Paradosimos, Pankration, Pancratium, Pangratius, Pankration, Pancrace, Pankratos, Pancrazio, Pagration, Pangration, Sanda etc. Research includes many ancient scripts from ancient texts from many countries and many archaeological items from many places. The analysis proved that all modern martial arts of the world have their roots from the ancient Hellas. Some parts of Pankration consists today's martial arts such as Grabble Submission, tug-of-war, sumo, kickboxing etc. and the author has wrote some specific books on this parts of Pankration.

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αγώνες άθληα αθλητές αθλητών Αίγυπτος ακόη αναφέρει αναφέρεται αντίπαλο αντιπάλου απόκρουση Αρριανός αρχαία Ελλάδα αρχαία ελληνικά αρχαιοελληνικό ασκήσεις Γαληνός Γρηγόρης Ζώρζος δεν δεξί δηλαδή διαβάζουε δύναη δύο έδαφος Έλληνες ελληνικά ενώ εξής έργο έχει έχουν Ηλεία Ηλεία Πελοπόννησος Ηρακλή ήταν θα θεός θέση Θησέας Ινδία κ.λπ κάθε κάνει καράτε κάτω κείενα Κίνα κόσο κτύπηα λάκτισα λέξη άλιστα ας άχη άχης αχητικές τέχνες αχητική τέχνη αχητικών τεχνών Μεγαλέξανδρος Μεγαλέξανδρου Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου έρος έσα ετά εταξύ έχρι ια Μικρά Ασία όνο ου πορεί οζ όως όνοα οποία οποίο όπως Παγκράτιον Παγκρατίου πάλη Πάαχον πάνω παρακάτω Πελοπόννησος Πηγή πίσω πνεύα πόδι πόλεο πυγαχία πυγή ρυτό σελ σήερα Σκιααχία Σπάρτη στάση σύβολο σύφωνα ε συνέχεια σχετικά ε σώα σώατος τεχνικές τεχνική Τζούντο υπάρχει υπάρχουν Φιλόστρατος χαιρετισό χέρια ancient boxing Chuan fighting games Greek kaˆ karate martial arts pagkrtion Pankration tn tj tn to‹j to tn toj wrestling

About the author (2009)

Gregory Zorzos, a native Hellene, was born in Kallithea, Athens in Greece (Hellas) at 1958. Author and his research work have been distinguished by a lot of official organizations, and Ministries, in Greece and all over the world. The author has wrote more than 500 books, board games, DVDs and cdroms about ancient and modern history in the fields of economics, technical, board games, martial arts, software, love affairs, feasibilities studies, research, case studies etc. As a reporter, from his teens, the author has written many articles in many newspapers, magazines etc. and was editor in chief in some of them. Many awards and credits around the world. Member of the "Royal Society of Literature" (UK). Member of the "American Authors Association" (USA). Member of the "American Screenwriters Association" (USA). Member of the "Erotic Authors Association" (USA). Member of the "Erotic Literature League" (USA). Member of the ex-BOD of the "Hellenic Historical Author Association" (Greece). ex Member of the "Hellenic Literature Association" (Greece). member of the ex-BOD of the "Union of Correspondents of Greek Press Abroad" (Greece). ex Member of the "World Pan Hellenic United Martial Arts Foundation" (USA). Member of the "Hellenic Chamber of Economists" highest Professional Class as "Economist" and highest Professional Class as "Accountant" (Greece). Member of the "Hellenic Researcher in the Ministry of Constructions," highest Professional Class in "Economic Studies," highest Professional Class in "Research Studies" and highest Professional Class in "Organization Studies" (Greece). Writer of the year 2005 award as "Historian Author of The Hellenic Martial Arts Pammachon and Pankration." Writer of the year 2006 award as "International Historic Writer of Martial Arts." International Who's Who of Professionals. Greek Who's Who of Professionals. Researches have been approved/accepted from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Hellenic Army, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unesco (P&N), SAE, etc. Works have been register in Copyright Offices in Greece, USA and Canada.

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