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Read Books, 2006 - History - 352 pages
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ALL ABOUT the BABY THE BEGINNINGS OF HUMAN LIFE, WITH EARLY NEEDS VOLUME TWO By BELLE WOOD-COMSTOCK, M. D. A Preface THE most important thing in the world is the baby, for he is the unit out of which the world is made. He is the man or the woman in the making, and upon the success or failure of this making depends the sum total of joy or sorrow, happiness or woe in this sphere of ours. We have all been babies, and all feel sure that if we could go back and have a hand in our upbringing we would have lived happier and more successful lives. And any one of us, married or single, can very easily see mistakes others make in the care of their children. That mistakes, serious ones, are made in the rearing of every child, then can be no question. These mistakes are not always made by parents, Grandparents, uncles, aunts, family friends, casual acquaintances, all have a hand in the errors that spoil the child, Perhaps if we could get away from the idea that the bring- ing up of children is a task that fathers and mothers - principally mothers - must carry alone, and all realise the importance of more universal intelligence as regards child needs and care, there might be a cooperation with mother that would lessen her anxiety, lighten her labors, and make possible the attainment of her ends in the final production of men and women, not only more to our liking but nearer the standard of individual possibilities and world needs. The story of life, of the child's background, of his possibilities, his physical, nervous, and emotional requirements should be of greatest interest to every one who has any memory of his own' childhood, It might help him to understand himself more fully, to realize more clearly whence he came, why he is what he is, and whither he may be going. The study of the baby ami something of his psychology should be of interest to every one who ever by contact, word, or look influences a little child, BABY s BACKGROUND 1. THE FAMILY TREE- ITS BEGINNINGS 2. THE FAMILY TREE- ITS PERPETUATION 3. THE FAMILY TREE - ITS FRUIT: BLUE EYES OR BROWN 4. WHAT CAN AND CANNOT BE INHERITED SECTION II BABY'S 5. THE SINS OF THE FATHERS 6. LIMITATIONS AND POSSIBILITIES 7. PRACTICAL INFULENCE. 8. ENVIRONMENT SECTION III THE BABY'S PARENTS 9. SOME ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY 10, THE BABY'S FATHER. 11. THE BABY'S MOTHER SECTION IV. 12. GETTING READY FOR THK BABY 13, THE MOTHER AND HER CARE 14, THE MOTHER 16. BABYS BEDROOM AND OTHER THINGS. SECTION V -THE BABY 17. THK BABY'S ARRIVAL 18. BABYS ADJUSTMENT TO HIS NEW SURROUNDINGS IP, THE FAMILY'S ADJUSTMENT TO THE NEW BABY 20, A DAY WITH THE BABY SECTION VI. BECOMING ESTABLISHED 21, AROUND THE FIRST CORNER AT THREE TO FOUR MONTHS 22, LEARNING TO SIX MONTHS 23. BOTTLES AND FORMULAS 24. SOME OF THE PROBLEMS

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