All-Amareakin: A Book for Sincere Seekers of Truth and Understanding

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 296 pages
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THIS WORK IS AN IN-DEPTH account of a spiritual awakening to the forgotten truth of human concsciouness-our divine nature. It is written for those who feel that there must be more satisfying explanations for the purpose and meaning of life than the ones that are currently offered by science and orthodox religion. And it is written for those who truly long for, and need, a deeper meaning in their life. On American Independence Day 1975, Thomas Anderson was immersed in the state of his own radical independence-the state of immense inner freedom of the transcendent. It was in this luminous state of consciouness that the term All Amareakin spontaneoulsy came to him as a perfect name for one who is a sincere seeker of truth and understanding; who has glimpsed the mystery and awesomeness of the human spirit, and wishes to experience this more deeply. Again this is the person for whom this is written. The author Thomas J. Anderson lives in northern Maine, where he practices dentistry; where he and his wife, Pam, have raised four children; and where-on a minute-by-minute basis-he has persisted in applying disciplines of awareness he took up in his twenties. These disciplines, which have their origin in what are known as the wisdom traditions, are forms of self-inquiry and meditation with such power that before he'd practiced them for very long, Anderson had experienced a luminous state of expanded awareness. This state-described by yogis, sages, and seers from all times and all traditions-is called the Self, the Witness, the One, the Tao, and a thousand other names as well. Anderson's sole purpose in writing about this exalted state, and about the practices that opened him to it, is so that readers will see that they can have this experience for themselves.

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This book is a must read for all seeking enlightenment! Thomas Anderson has shared an amazing journey to the Highest Self. A spiritual autobiography from a Since Seeker that leads to the highest Truth and Understanding of the Divine Spirit within All!


The First Years after the Initial Awakening 150 Meeting an Authentic Spiritual Master 153 September with Baba in the Catskills 156 The Teachings o...
The Quest to Know Thyself 43 First the Study of Mechanics 47 How Do We Become So Mechanical? 49 The Witness of the Many Is of Your EgoPe...
Youre Ready for Real Psychology 52 Real Psychology Includes the Ancient Quest to Know Thyself 53 Real Psychologys Four States of Consciousne...
The Transcendent State 62 The Pure Self Has Always Been There 64 The Effortless Witness 65 I Cant Go Back
Mystical Insights
Experiences and Expressions of the Truth 222 10 Witnessconsciousness 225 The Buddhist Teaching of Mindfulness
The Spiritual Master 264 Practical Advice Turn Within 265 Lessons of the Heart 268 Expressions of Grace 269 The Guru Principle 270 16 Initiation ...

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